Tuesday, October 25, 2011



So, as promised, this is the fabric roll (8 fat quarters) that I got for 2$ in Boston. The price tag read 10$, on sale from 10.97$ (Not that big of a sale to begin with) But when I looked at my bill when I got to the car (I bought other stuff, so I didn't notice the price until after) I was only charged 2$. I wish I would have realized, I might have bought more fabric! Not sure what I'll make yet with these fat quarters, but it will get used.


This is the 2nd roll I bought, another 8 fat quarters.


From this roll, the stripes and the squares ones (2 middle fabrics) are my fave. I'm not entirely a fan of the "animal print" one on the right, but I am sure I can use it to make someone else something.


Right now, these are the 6 fat quarters I chose (the green on the right is not actually a fat quarter, it was from my stash of fabric (yes, I have a stash of fabric as well as yarn!) and I am not sure about the floral green one next to the tonal green one (far right), so I will be going fabric shopping this week, as I have to get background material as well. I started a class recently, (will tell you more about that soon), and this is for the mystery project we're doing. I'm super excited.


Girl Knits said...

Beautiful Fabrics! I cant wait to see what you make with it.

Bea said...

Great deal!