Monday, February 13, 2012

Beka Weaving Loom

I received my Beka RH-10 Beginner's loom this week. I actually ordered this one and it was shipped before I discovered the Spear's Weaving Loom that a lady was selling on Kijiji. The nice thing about this one that I just got, is that it comes with 2 heddles, for both a 4" project and a 10" project. The Spears one I got only has 1 heddle but accommodates wider projects. I am looking forward to using them both.

Ain't she a beauty? She came with a starter project, so I can get the feel of how she works. I will be playing around with her soon. I fear this will take over my precious knitting time!


hakucho said...

Great loom. What fun! I've only woven as a kid with a potholder loom. Would love to work with a real loom like yours....maybe some day....Enjoy :)

g-girl said...

I've only done a potholder loom too. I will be interesting to hear about your experience!

Sandi said...

Hi, did a search for beginner looms and your blog came up. I have never done any loom weaving, but am curious. I see you have 2 looms, how did they do? Any feed back would be appreciated.