Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So I have a funny story to tell you. After we boarded the plane to leave to Florida last Wednesday, just after we took off in the air, once the seat belt sign was taken off, both boys had to go to the bathroom. So I took them to the front of the plane as there was only one gentleman waiting for the bathroom as opposed to the 3 people waiting for a turn to use the washroom at the back of the plane. Sean kept saying while we were waiting that he "couldn't hold it in any longer" numerous times. The gentleman in front of us didn't care and didn't let us use the washroom ahead of him. So Sean peed a bit in his underwear. Anyhow finally it was our turn. Sean finished his business in the toilet and a nice flight attendant got me Sean's backpack with his change of underwear. Luckily his pants were dry. Sean changed his underwear, got back dressed and I sent him back to our seats, in the middle of the plane. My mom was at the seats with Quentin. Then it was Mack's turn to pee. However we discovered that he could not reach the toilet seat, he is a too short. If I lift him, he becomes stiff and can't pee (we tried. He is also too heavy for me to lift anyhow & obviously there is no stool on the plane, so I asked the flight attendant if she had any ideas (while telling Mackenzie to hold it in). She said "hang on" and left to go get something. She then came back with a "barf bag" (you know, the white ones that are in the seat pocket in front of you on airplanes) as they are leak proof. So I convinced Mackenzie to pee in the bag and then I dumped the pee in the toilet. Creative & got the job done. Later on during the flight he went to the bathroom again the same way. He thought it was funny. Then, while we were descending to Fort Lauderdale airport he said he had to pee very badly "now". He said he couldn't hold it. So I pulled out the barf bag from the pocket of the seat in front of us, got him to stand up and pee in the bag quickly to be able to get him back into his seat for landing. As he was peeing though, he had to announce it several times quite loudly for everyone to hear (as the plane was quite silent besides the normal humming of the plane), "I'm peeing in a bag! I'm peeing in a bag!" He had everyone in the rows in front and in back of us laughing hysterically. I almost died!

(If you were in my situation - what would you have done? Let your child pee in the leak proof bag or let your child pee on himself, all over the airplane seat too? Going to the bathroom at the front or back of the airplane, was NOT an option).

And during the rest of the trip, Mack has had to go to the bathroom at the oddest times. So he has now been marking his territory on trees and poles outside too. I love how easy it is to take a boy to the bathroom while out! For this, I am glad I don't have any girls. Girls can't just whip it out and pee on a tree/grass. I fear that when we get home and his teacher asks him what he did in Florida, I fear he will tell them he "peed in bags and peed on trees & poles".

He was very excited to pee in the bag again today on our flight home. I don't know why this was exciting, but I guess to a 3 and a half year old... it must be quite funny.

More tales of my adventures with all 3 boys (with my mother! we both left our hubbies at home) coming right up! I've got lots to talk about/tell you about!


Caroline said...

Hahaha this is so funny! I'll have to remember the barf bag trick if I ever take a plane with my boy!

sapphireblue said...

That's hilarious!

Mitali Ruths said...

That. is sooooo great. So very great. When we've been on flights with the girls, we've always had them in diapers... don't know what I'm going to do in the future... but have you seen the girl funnel-and-tube? Apparently made in Japan for long train rides so you can pee out the window.

Mitali Ruths said...

This was very resourceful. Wonder what we're going to do for long plane flights when the girls are no longer in diapers!

Dawn said...

That Mackenzie is hilarious! We've had to have our boys pee in an empty cup in the back of the van when they have to go and there's no bathroom around. Not so easy for Mommy lol. There must be something freeing to be able to pee outside b/c my boys love to "water a tree" in the backyard.