Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love this clip & bow holder.
- I totally want to send someone a hug!
- This Taco Bake looks yummy!
- Knitting on a comb?
- Ever wonder if your child has already been given her medicine?? In this case, it was twice/day for 10 days. Just an idea - use a sharpie & mark it right on the bottle!
- Gorgeous dress... is it really a prom dress?
- Matching game for toddlers that you can make yourself.
- Good way to organize in the kitchen - Magazine racks for cans in the pantry!
- These post it note watches look good to write reminders on!
- Lego cookies using M&M's!
- This made me laugh!
- Have your DNA & eat it too! Fun project for students.
- Love these little Carrot Patch Cookies.
- I think I have to make some popcorn cake. Looks beyond delicious!
- This pumpkin & cream bread looks delicious!
- Love this tote bag (tutorial)!
- A list of 5$ meals.
- Love this idea of preparing snacks.
- Love this cute idea for a Valentine's Day card. Better get on that, V-day is tomorrow!
- Love this romantic hair do!
- These skinny whole wheat snickerdoodles look yummy!
- I totally need an iPad wall mount for my kitchen - it would be so great to use when cooking/baking!
- Love this upside-down braid.
- These crescent pepperoni roll-ups look yummy! I totally should try this for the kids!
- Love this car seat cover. I wonder if there is a pattern online somewhere. Such a great idea for sprucing up an old car seat or as a cover that is washable!
- Dried apple chip recipe. Yum!
- Up-cycled tshirt dress tutorial.
- I ♥ this button bag tutorial!
- LOVE this iphone/camera case!
- Too bad I'm done having babies, this would have made an awesome maternity shirt!
- What a genius product for car nap time.
- Masking tape hotwheel tracks - a fun idea for a rainy day.
- Love this cute kid card idea.
- I have a thing for elephants... love this kids shirt!
- Oh my - do you remember pogo balls!? I had one as a kid! Do they still sell them? I'd love to get one for my boys.
- For the daughter I will never have... lace leggings! So incredibly cute.
- Love these adorable fortune cookie shoes!!
- This made me laugh!
- Love this portable hopscotch!
- Sweater day!


Shannon said...

Thanks for the link! :)

g-girl said...

what a great hair bow holder. too bad i don't use hair bows! i love that idea for sending a hug! huh. might have to try that out knitting with a comb cos i sure as hell can't finger knit! lol. what a great use for magazine racks! haha. love that cartoon! those carrot patch cookies are so cute!! really? a popcorn cake? SOOO tempting! cute tote bag. i love that side chignon!! i like apple chips too. thanks for the tutorial on how to make them at home! the button bag is fantastic! cute skeleton maternity top! i remember seeing those pogo balls. the fortune cookie booties are so clever! the portable hopscotch is cool. how'd i miss national sweater day??

Rella said...

This is very useful! Thanks for your share!