Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Some Knitting


I started a knitting project, that is quite cute. It's the Owl Strap Covers. I have a whole handful of pregnant friends these days, and I think these would make really adorable gifts. They should be a quick knit since they're done in bulky weight yarn.

side1 side2 side3

I've also picked up Jamie's Man socks. These are extremely belated, owed from Xmas 2009. Yeah, I know, I'm bad. I started knitting them in April 2010, just before we found out we were expecting Quentin. I had designed a lot of socks in 2009 and I was kind of all "socked out" by the time these were promised. So I kind of put them down, and hadn't touched a pair of socks since. Well, I figured it was time to pull them out & start knitting on them again. I think it's been a long enough break... time to continue. Let's see how long it will take to finish them. I am now at the point of the toe decreases. I should be able to cast off sock number 1 very shortly, and then onto sock number 2! These are actually my own design... and I will make the pattern available once they're done. Since Jamie has bigger feet than me, and my mannequin leg is my shoe size, the socks I'm knitting are a tad too big for the model, but just to show you, it'll do. I'm loving the design that runs all the way down the front & also down the back up until the gusset. I'll try to get a closer view of the pattern/design and post it. They are truly man socks though, that's for sure.


Sourire11 said...

Oooh I've never seen those knit strap covers before... what a great idea!!!

sapphireblue said...

Strap covers. I've never heard of them. I wish I would have had that for my sling.

g-girl said...

the socks will still be loved regardless of how long it took to make them!