Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Spear’s Weaving Loom


Recently, a knitting/crochet friend of mine sent me a text, and asked me if I was sitting down. She knew I was looking for a weaving loom. Even since I knit my Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf, I've been fascinated with weaving. Weaving is so much quicker than knitting up a scarf that looks "woven". She then proceeded to tell me that there was a loom, on Kijiji for sale, for 20$. 20$?! I had just ordered myself a beginners' loom, for triple that price. (Will be getting that one sometime next week, more on that one when it arrives). So we took a field trip, as we called it, and headed out about 30 minutes from our homes, to check out this loom. I couldn't pass up a deal like this. My friend who came with me, has a loom or two herself, but uses them more for beading, than weaving. I think she herself might be intrigued by weaving now too.


The Spear's Weaving Loom even came in an original box, with original manuals and all the pieces. I think I totally scored on this.


The loom came with strings (the pink looks like embroidery floss) already on it, I guess they must have put it together and put that on, just to sell it. The lady told us that she had never used it even. I wonder what this loom would have originally cost, and how old it is, as well. Does anyone have any knowledge of when these were made? Or what they are worth?


I am extremely excited to start using it. I have some reading to do before I do start using it, and probably a couple of youtube videos to watch as well, but I'm so excited to start using the loom.


The nice thing about the Spear's one, is that it allows me to do wider projects than that Beka beginner's loom I picked up. The Beka allows me up to 10" wide, and by the looks of this one, it's about 16-20" wide. Oh, I can wait to play!


Sandra said...

looks like a score! I like that Beka one as well - the one I currently have is larger and not as portable.
I may have to invest in a more portable one...

Zonda said...

Great score on that one! I'm trying to resist the call of the loom. I have a few friends here that use them....they are taunting me LOL! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I think you scored for sure.

Aura said...

Hello Robyn - Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on the Angry Bird hats. I originally folowed the pattern by Teresa (The Crochet Geek) there is a link on the post. I made some changes to the pattern and I am now using a beanie pattern that I came up with. There is also a post about this. Her beanie pattern turns out huge for a child. Love your blog.

Sharon V said...

super score!!
I've been looking into looms of about that size but they are way out of my budget. enjoy it!

Unknown said...

Cool! How fun!!!

g-girl said...

$20? what a steal. have fun!

Dawn said...

That loom looks awesome! Can't wait to see what you work up.

mikeonfreeserve said...

Hi, I just bought one for my wife - I'm so romantic! - and it was made in 1957, at least that is when the Pattern Book that came with it says the book was copyrighted.

Here's a link to some history about Spears....


Have fun!


Sandy said...

Hi, I just purchased this loom at a garage sale but, unfortunately, no instructions were included. Do you know where I might be able to get some? I have no clue how to assemble it let alone weave. Any information would be helpful.
Thanks so much.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Email me at knitpurlmama at gmail dot com and I will send you a scan of my instructions. I don't have a way to contact you! I hope you see this?


Audrey said...

I have a Spears size 4 that I'm trying to warp, but I've misplaced my instruction booklet. Although, as I recall, the instruction book was not very helpful in warping this loom. My loom has a wire heddle instead of a plastic one.

Did you end up re-warping your loom? In the photos, it looks like it was warped backwards: the weaving is on the side of the back or "warp" beam instead of the cloth beam.

It isn't very obvious on this loom which end is which, unless you've woven before. The longer space between the cloth beam and the heddle is necessary to get an adequate shed.

A lady who goes to my Curves gym gave me my loom. Someone she knew had bought it at a thrift store and had given it to her. She had no use for it and knew I wove, but didn't have a loom.

My blog is Sojourn in Suburbia on this Blogger. I'm afraid I'm not very consistent in my posts.


Mary K. Cervenka said...

I am interested in the No 4 loom. Does it sit on your lap or does it have to be connected to a table>

Audrey said...

The Spears 4 does not really fit in your lap to weave...at least, not in mine. My arms aren't long enough. To warp it, it doesn't matter if you have it on a table or not.

To get a decent, consistent shed and keep it stable, you need to clamp it to a small table or desk.

You also need to get something like newspaper or wallpaper to separate the layers of warp threads and the layers of woven cloth. It doesn't have to be pretty wallpaper--it can be totally hideous and therefore in the clearance bin. Newspaper doesn't work very well because it has to be cut to size and the ink rubs off on your project.

Anonymous said...

My parents bought me a Spears loom for Christmas one year, back in the sixties. I still have it somewhere.