Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love this USB cable - the only one you'll ever need!
- I want this product!
- How to tie a bow-tie!
- 30 Super Secret iPhone tricks.
- Love this stamp! (My tattoo on my right leg is almost identical!)
- Love this desk!
- Totally love this ipad case!
- Love this chalkboard calendar!
- Love this wooden bookcase!
- I must try these lasagna roll-ups!
- Love this puppy set!
- I totally want a secret message ring! Love it!
- Love this adorable owl crinkle toy.
- I love this homemade abacus idea!
- Love this on the wall fish bowl idea. I wonder if it's easy to clean!?
- Love this lego storage bin... how appropriate for my house!
- Stunning dress!
- Love this fruit display!
- Love this wood bench - stunning!
- Love this "Hold it Together" kid product.
- Still one of my favorites!
- Adore this book shelf!
- Love these "leg warmers"... you get the cute look of long socks without all that extra bunchy-ness!
- What an awesome chair!
- My all time fave flower.
- Love this 5-minute pony-tail.
- I don't have a dog, but this is a really cute idea for a dog bed.
- Love this homemade baby board book idea.
- This is so adorable. Great shot too!
- Love this 7 days of love idea!
- Love this solar system craft idea. Sean's really into space these days.
- A sleeping bag for Barbie.
- 50 iphone apps for kids.
- These are the chopsticks I use. They're awesome.
- What a stunning dress.
- Love this DIY busy wallet idea.
- Cell phone number bracelet, when traveling with little ones in airports, large amusement parks...Great idea!
- Love these quiet time ideas.


LovebyCC said...

Thank you!! <3

g-girl said...

that nail polish holder is nifty! nice stamp. that crafting space is so organized! cute ipad case. the puppy set is adorable! that abacus is very cool! i still love that wall fish bowl. you've shared it before! that fruit rack is cool! i love that tree bookshelf! cute chair. are you sure it only takes 5 minutes to do that pony tail?? oh wow, what a great idea for a board book! very pretty dress.