Thursday, July 12, 2012



Tonight, Jamie and I took Sean to his first Alouette’s game. They played the Calgary Stampeders. We were losing most of the game, but came back in the last quarter and won the game, 33-32. It was CLOSE! While it was Sean’s first game, and Jamie’s….. (he lost count) and my 2nd Als game, but my first actual game at Molson Stadium, (the only other CFL game I’ve been to, was the 08 grey cup, which was held at the Olympic Stadium).


The cheerleaders put on a good show too!


Sean asked a lot of questions, he liked learning new things. Jamie was very patient with him, explaining things.


We had a great time at the game. One of Jamie’s friends has season tickets, in a set of 3, so it was nice that we got to take Sean to the game. Note to self: Next time bring some sort of padding to sit on, that bench is darn uncomfortable! I didn’t realize that there are only about 10 home games an entire Als season, so it was pretty cool to get to go to a game this season.

It’s late, the kids will be up early as usual, so I’m off to go crash!

ps – I have been knitting & I do have some progress on my Cardi to show you shortly!


Tara said...

I've never been to an Als game. What a fun idea for a special treat for Sean!

g-girl said...

I like that pic of Sean and Jamie :)