Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love these crazy hair day ideas.
- These headband and bow holders make me wish I had a little girl living in my house.
- Loving this flip flop makeover!
- Love this birthday party idea.
- Love these little baby shoes.
- This is a funny birthday gift idea. Too bad in Canada the lowest bill is a 5$.
- We don't have a pool, but my parents do. This towel rack is AWESOME!
- Love this simple up-do.
- This makes me want to carry around chalk.
- I really need to make this for my car, it'll help the kids clutter stay contained.
- Here is an interesting tutorial on recycling candles.
- Love these owl templates.
- Loving this Dior OUI ring.
- I want to make these for myself!
- This looks soooo cozy.
- I think I need a pillow towel!
- Love this bathing suit.
- Love this magical flute.
- It's summertime!
- These Oreo treats look awesome.
- 50 ways to inspire your husband!
- What a gorgeous dress!
- This pool float is awesome.
- This is an awesome DIY lego costume! Cardboard box + solo cups = lego costume.
- This nail art is cool.
- Now this is an awesome baby shower gift idea.
- This car power port is awesome!
- This iPhone joystick is beyond cool.
- Love this Gift Bag Journal. (Thanks Rhoda for the link!)
- I don't think I'd ever wear these, but these lens bracelets are pretty nifty. (I don't really wear bracelets nor a watch).

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g-girl said...

wow. i wish the kids came with crazy hair like those kids! those looks are awesome! i love the flip flop makeover! the baby shoes are adorable! the bday gift idea is cute. that towel rack is amazing! wish i had that much hair for that up do! very nice car storage. i'm going to make something similar to that for my class using file folders! cute ring. the slipper boots are adorable! love the baby beanbag! the pillow towel looks interesting. that pool float is gigantic. i love the lego costume!! scotch tape. who knew! what a creative baby shower gift! the joystick is cool. you're welcome for the link!
the lens bracelets are cool!