Friday, July 27, 2012

Par 3


Jamie and I golfed again this week, we had such beautiful weather & such beautiful scenery. These golf dates with hubby have been awesome. Jamie couldn’t walk the course today, so we actually got a cart on special (lucky us for the cart being on special today). Next week, hopefully we’ll walk the course again. Jamie also forgot to load my golf caddy into the car, so I would have had to rent one of those had we not taken the cart, and the cart wasn’t much more than renting the caddy today.


I wore new contact lenses today, the first time wearing contacts in ages (maybe even years). I tried wearing a pair a few months ago, but I didn’t last very long in them before having to take them off as I started to get a headache. These new ones, are a new technology and corrected for my change in my astigmatism (more on that later) and I wore them all day & felt great. Wearing contacts meant I could wear some stylin’ shades! I haven’t worn non-prescription sunglasses in years. I can’t even find my prescription sunglasses right now, so that works out well for me. I don’t think I’ve seen them since last summer. They’re probably at the bottom of a purse somewhere in my closet.


My best hole of the day was a par on a par 3. My first shot off the tee, I landed the ball 10 feet from the hole. It took 2 puts to get it in, (one put getting it soooo close and then another put getting it in by tapping it in). I’ll forever remember this hole! This hole compensates for the 5 or 6 balls I lost on the course on other holes (in bushes, down ditches, in water…) I still need to take a lesson with a pro, and get in some practice at the driving range, but I’m loving playing golf. Never would I have thought that I would be a golfer. Glad that Jamie and I got his &  hers matching golf club sets for a wedding present. They’ve come in handy! Now I just need to find myself a cute mini skirt… and I’m set to go!


sapphireblue said...

You don't want to see me on the golf course. I would make big holes and probably, injure myself.

g-girl said...

so have you continued to wear contacts? your astigmatism changed? is that good or bad?