Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- I love this idea of using colored/fancy duct tape to jazz up a water bottle for a party.
- In a meeting? At a doctor's appointment? Can't run out and pay your Montreal parking meter? There's an app for that!
- We don't keep stuffies in the house (except a few), but this zoo keeper is awesome!
- Drooling over this dress.
- I'd like some cool inventions, like this tea pot thing, this freaking awesome toaster, and this desk tray.
- Love these chore magnets!
- Love this DIY skirt!
- Is your child sick? Need hydration? Here is a few recipes for homemade Pedialyte.
- Loving this image!
- I tried this recipe for World's Best Chicken last week, it was quite good!
- I love this popsicle kit!
- Thinking about doing some fingerprint art.
- Gluing holes shut on bath toys is smart!
- This is beyond adorable.
- Loving the ring & the bracelet!
- These cookie bars look yummy!
- LOVE this iPhone case.
- Tutorial for homemade foaming soap.
- Money as you grow is a great website for teaching kids about money.
- Love these button shoes!
- This made me laugh!
- Must get some black ribbon!
- Love this swim suit in black.
- For those of you whom are fans of The Wire, you might find this funny.
- Love this table runner!
- Love this round crochet pillow.
- I love this pier 1 vase!
- This is how I'd like to spend my summer!
- This made me laugh!
- This is genius storage solutions.
- Love this loot bag idea.
- This shirt is a neat one for working out with an iPhone. SMART!
- Fun pop tab bracelet. And this one too.


Rachel Schultz said...

Thanks for linking to my recipe. So glad you liked it!


Gabriela said...

I must try the recipe for the World's Best Chicken. I hope the picky kids will be fine with it. Maybe I'll make a smaller portion to try it first.

g-girl said...

goodness. what isn't there an app for?? the cool invention links didn't work. hmm, homemade pedialyte! might have to try that out. haha. what a great picture of roseanne and family!! love the shot of the two becky's!! gross regarding what's inside bath toys! :P that ring is gorgeous!! love m&m cookies!! very cool iphone case. ohh, you can use regular hand soap with water to make homemade foaming soap. heck, you can use dish soap too! that's what we do. :) the button shoes are adorable! very cool cabana. haha on the paint colors!