Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Growing Garden


Recently, I had gone out to the garden, after a busy couple of days, and the entire garden was taken over by weeds. It was beyond ridiculous! It looked like a bed of grass. After 2 sessions in 2 days, I weeded the entire garden patch. I've never seen weeds this bad before, not in any of the last 5 years that I've had a vegetable garden (started vegetable gardening summer 2008, so this is my 5th summer).


It was starting to look better again. Though, now that I posed this, it needs to be weeded again. Those things grow like crazy, and super fast too! One day they're gone, the next they're back!


Things are starting to grow. We have been eating lettuce like crazy from the garden (in salads, in sandwiches, etc). But nothing else has been ripe yet. Tomatoes are growing, and as you saw in yesterday's post, we picked 3 zucchinis, cucumbers are starting to grow too. We lost a few items due to the crazy weeds (like spinach and green onion didn't take). We had lost 1 cucumber plant due to a storm we had early June. But other than that, the garden is thriving, the bean & pea plants are growing huge, and I should have loot pictures soon for you! I'm so eager to taste everything already!

How's your garden growing, if you have one?


sapphireblue said...

Your garden looks really nice. Darn those weeds!!

Thanks for the books, btw!

Maureen said...

I am hoping when we get a bigger house that I can get a few square feet to build a good varied garden!

Yours is awesome!

Sandra said...

two words - landscape fabric. We used to be over-run with weeds (the combination of long office hours and cottage weekends away), but now we lay down the cloth, and poke holes for the plants. (or long slits for the seeds. Works wonders. Also - mulch. lots and lots of mulch.

Teena in Toronto said...

I just have a small terrace ... I usually have a couple tomato plants but didn't get any this year.

Dawn said...

Wow the garden looks great! I hate the weeds too, and always feel so much better when they're gone!

g-girl said...

wow! that was a lot of weeds!! the garden looks great. :)