Monday, July 09, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- I'm thinking the kids might like some beetle magnets!
- I'd love to make a triangle quilt.
- Smash books are awesome - I want one!
- This icebox cake looks heavenly!
- Love these knotted bracelets.
- With Garage Sales all summer long, here is a great list of Good and Bad things to get at a garage/yard sale.
- Love these little pants, wish I had a girl to sew 'em up for. And this knotted headband would look adorable on a little girl.
- One day I'm going to treat myself to a necklace like this, with all my boys names on it.
- Loving these July Desktop Calendars. (Sorry for not posting this link last week)
- LOVE this bubble quilt. As well as this scrap bag & pin cushion!
- How to survive birthday season without blowing your budget. This is another great list for frugal gifting for birthday parties.
- Water balloon Target Practice looks like fun! I think I'll have to get some water balloons!
- Now that our basil is growing, I wanted to learn how to prune it, here is a great tutorial!
- Love these fabric covered books.
- This ice cream sandwich cake looks delicious!
- 5 Things you should always buy at yard sales.
- 11 great ideas for re-using Baby Wipe Containers.
- How to throw a fabulous dinner party on a budget. Or a BBQ!
- Loving this bench make-over!
- Love this tutorial on how to sew a pillow cover.
- Loving this tutorial for fabric covered photo mats.
- Wish I had a girl, loving this ruffled skirt!
- HA! These clothespin people are adorable!
- Going on a trip with kids? This is a fantastic printable list for your trip. You won't forget anything!
- Save cash unnoticeably.
- Homemade finger paint!
- Planning a wedding? This wedding cake card box is a very cute idea.
- Mmmm! Pink Applesauce.


Bargainmoose said...

Hi Mama!
Thanks for linking over to my site for the dinner party or BBQ on a budget. :)

g-girl said...

love the triangle quilt! i've seen the smash books at beverly's. that family tree necklace is pretty. the bubble quilt looks cool. oh i wish i had known to prune my basil when we had some! next time. the ruffle skirt is adorable. oh i absolutely LOVE the clothespin people!!pink applesauce! I love it!