Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Target Practice


Over the weekend, I decided that we should try this activity, which I linked yesterday. I ran out to get water balloons as soon as I had finished preparing my link love post (those are prepared in advance!) So during Quentin's nap time (one day he'll get to participate in fun activities like this too), we headed outside and the boys were surprised with this activity.


The boys had a fabulous time throwing the balloons at the target. They even tried to get me. They weren't too successful. Though, I managed to get Sean once. Mackenzie kept running & screaming, so I stopped trying to get him, since I was afraid Quentin would wake up from the screaming. That kid's got lungs!


I wasn't too impressed with these cheap (dollar store) water balloons, they took forever to fill with the cheap (crappy) filler tool that was provided. When we do this activity again, which I'm sure we will, I'll definitely invest in a better quality kit. They boys had such a good time, I would absolutely consider doing this activity again & soon.

ps - I'm afraid of balloon, but regular balloons with just air in them, popping. I had one popped in my face as a child and have been afraid of them since. I scream like a little school girl when balloons are popped too closely. However, these little water balloons, filled with water, don't make the same popping sound when popped, so I was totally okay with them. Maybe it's one step closer to getting over my fear of balloons?


sapphireblue said...

That's a great idea for not too much money. I'll have to try it.

Sandra said...

we have the best toy for water balloons - it's a three man slingshot! Two people hold the ends, and a third pulls back as far as possible (they end up lying on the ground), and lets go. We can launch them up to 400 metres! We use it for targt shooting at the cottage - it becomes quite the competition!

TACIStudio said...

It sounds like you had such a wonderful time with the boys...great summer memories!,,
Are ou knitting or crocheting anything this summer?

Maureen said...

I need to try this too! Maybe I can get the little boy across the street and Evie going with it this weekend. :)

g-girl said...

i think it is one step closer to getting over your fear of balloons. :) I scream too when balloons pop though.