Monday, July 02, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- A day late, but nevertheless cute, O Canada! Performed by babies!
- Recipes to eat yourself skinny!
- What a neat photo organization idea!
- Oh, I'd love a revolving bookcase!
- My new body would love to wear this dress.
- Mmmm strawberry iced tea!
- Love this mason jar herb garden.
- Love this adorable butterfly cupcakes.
- Oooooh, McHottie!
- Recycle bubble wrap as a noisy game of hopscotch for outdoor fun.
- Grape salad, yummy yummy... (ok, if you have kids that watch the Wiggles, you'll get the tone to sing this one in! LOL)
- Love this wall decal.
- Love this dress. Just got something almost identical, in another color. (We have 2 weddings & an engagement party later this year)
- All you need is a laundry basket - what a great idea to paint polka dots.
- Loving this summer style. Must get some skirts!
- These quilted tea cup trivets are adorable.
- This birth announcement is hysterical!
- A no-bake playdoh recipe!
- Love this tutorial on teaching a child to hold a pencil.
- Love this wrapping paper organizer.
- Diploma swiss rolls, this is a great idea for a grad party!
- Chalkboard paint inside a lunchbox for a cute space to write notes!
- Love these strawberry ice cubes. 
- Adorable twins!
- Forget the kids, I want to color this in!
- What a neat way to display baby's stats in your nursery. (This baby even shares my birthday!)
- Cool ideas for transforming pool noodles.
- Love this wedding up-do! And this one too!
- I think I'll have to make my own Maxi Skirt!
- A great tip for summer is: Clean out an old lotion bottle and hide your phone, money, and keys in it for your beach bag.
- I'm liking this "family store" idea. 
- Love the colors on this crochet start blanket.
- Love this wiggly eye dice set!
- Too bad this is not in English, these balls look like fun!


Hattie said...

Lol that wiggles song is the ONE song I will never forget.

g-girl said...

have you tried any of the recipes yet? that is a great way to organize photos! love that bookcase! for me any garden will do! :) the butterfly cupcakes are cute! cute idea for hopscotch! i like the ruffles on the dress! oh wow! i never would've thought to use a laundry basket! thanks for the new play dough recipe! interesting. I just might have to suggest that trick for pencil grip to my parents! huh. what a nifty idea for wrapping paper organizer! the twins are too cute! light sabers out of pool noodles. i love it! i like that second up do. the crochet star blanket is cool! the wiggly eye dice are funny.