Wednesday, July 04, 2012

American Visitors


In celebration of July the 4th (Happy July 4th to my American Readers), I decided today would be a great day to talk about our American visitors that we had last week. A friend of mine since High School (though she’s always lived in the USA, and I’ve always lived in Canada) came up with her husband and daughter to help us celebrate Mack’s 4th birthday and hang out with us for a week. We met through a Youth Group and have kept in touch ever since. We’ve visited them twice in the Philly area (once for their wedding in 05 and in 2010 we took the boys to stay with them to check out Sesame Place), and met up with them once in Boston (March 2006). They’ve been up to Canada twice before (once for our wedding in 05 and again for a longer visit when I was pregnant with Sean in October 06). Above is 2 pictures from Mackenzie’s birthday party. We rented a HUGE inflatable. IT was so much fun!


We had a fun filled week with them here. We went to a splash park, swimming at my parent’s pool, I painted their daughter’s nails (above) since I don’t have a daughter, this was a LOT of fun for me. I took them for Poutine, to the Children’s Museum, we ate out a lot, the ladies went out to celebrate my birthday last week with some girlfriends for dinner & drinks (no kids!), and we got to check out the Exotarium, which we’ve never been to before and see some pretty interesting things (see pictures below). 


Hope our visitors had a great time in Montreal!


TACIStudio said...

Such a wonderful week! It looks like you had lots of fun with the kids! Wonderful life memories!

g-girl said...

looks like a ton of fun was had by all. love the peacock!

Dawn said...

Looks like a fun filled week! I love the peacock!