Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Afternoon Link Love

- I love this "first year" canvas.
- I love these 25 clever ideas to make your life easier!
- Adorable 1st birthday onesie.
- I love this fork bracelet!
- Love this no sew infinity scarf!
- I'm loving this hair do.
- This is awesome!
- This tote bag is awesome.
- How perfect would this be for Valentine's Day?
- I'm admiring this lovely reading nook.
- I love the crap baskets & the PVC pipe gate in this blog post.
- Love these yarn words.
- I love these earrings. I want to buy them. Must resist.
- Love this charm pack quilt.
- I need to get dinners organized with this. WOAH!
- Awesome disappearing 9 patch.
- I love this Pin Cushion pattern.
- I love this onesie - so cute!
- I love this Christmas tree!
- Love this iPad case.
- 25 Handmade gifts under 5$.
- Love this birthday board idea!
- Love this photo wall!
- What a stunning maternity photo.
- Love this idea for a Caprese Salad on a stick!
- Easy lunch box ideas!
- Easy chocolate truffles!


Nicole B said...

Love this post! What neat ideas, and such a creative way to put them in a list for us to see :)

g-girl said...

oh my gosh! i love all of the 25 ideas to make life easier!! wow. the fork bracelet is amazing! what a genius tutorial for a no sew infinity scarf! i like the colors in that hair do. that storage bin is cool! those earrings are awesome! the pin cushion is cute! what a great idea for a christmas tree! i love the frames on that photo wall.