Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday Evening Link Love

- Love this picture.
- Love this tutorial for salt dough ornaments. Definitely need to make some with the kids for next Christmas.
- These chickpea latkes look yummy! So do these latkes!
- Love these Popsicle stick ornaments!- And this tiny little santa hat knitted ornament.
- If you have a digital reader, you can get a 1 year free digital subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine by filling out the form here. (Not sure when it expires, so sign up fast!) And after I signed up for that, zinio.com sent me a 25$ credit towards any other magazine, and I chose 2 Knitting Magazines (single issues) and Crochet Accessories 2011 (single issue). In the end that cost me just under 5$, but had money in my paypal account so it really didn't cost me anything and it was extremely worth it!
- Love the weebles! I had never heard of them before (apparently they're making a comeback too!) Quentin received between his birthday & Xmas, the playground (which seems to be on sale this week for Boxing Day on Amazon.com, but they don't ship to Canada), the Sports Weebles pack, the airplane, and the tug boat. These weebles are fun to play with!
- Send a free pack of kleenex to someone!
- I love this color.
- Love this free cowl pattern.
- Yes, that's what I love.
- This is an awesome button bowl.
- My kids would LOVE these.
- Too bad I can't wear heels, these shoes are stunning!
- Love this tub!
- Love these lego party ideas. Especially these lego bowls.
- What a stunning cake!
- These are some darling red boots.
- I totally want a drink clip!
- This is so true.
- I am sure my boys would LOVE an ultimate LEGO room!

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g-girl said...

i love that picture too! wow, those salt dough ornaments are so cool! I wouldn't even have thought to use food coloring! i remember the weebles! everything is making a comeback. very nice button bowl. i can't wear heels either but supposedly platforms are good for you and i! ;) those red boots are nice! wow! that second lego room is fantastic!