Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Evening Link Love

- This macro iphone lens is quite neat.
- Very fun image!
- This blog post gave me a little chuckle.
- Love this image.
- I love these crochet owls.
- What a genius way to gift for family. Want, Need, Wear & Read.
- Want to try this recipe for lasagna soup.
- Love these 10 simple ideas for gift wrapping.
- Ideas for selvedge - neat!
- Adorable ruffled christmas trees!
- I LOVE cinnamon, and love this cinnamon stick candle craft.
- Love this christmas ball wreath tutorial.
- Love this Beary Cute Hat tutorial.
- Love this acorn hat tutorial.
- These are fun meal ideas!
- I LOVE gingerbread (must resist)... but here are 38 gingerbread ideas!
- Whole wheat blender pancake recipe.
- We have been getting sick of fish the "same old way", so here's an idea to change up how I prepare salmon.
- A fun hair tutorial!
- Wow, this is hysterical!
- It's been getting cold here lately, that I've been wanting chicken soup.
- Homemade playdoh recipe.
- Loving this song.
- Love these adorable free Christmas labels.

(I'm hoping after the holidays to get back on track with getting them up for the morning! Things have been quite busy here chez Knit & Purl Mama!)

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g-girl said...

that macro lens is cool! the crochet owls are cool. thanks for the lasagna soup recipe! will definitely have to try it out. :) the ruffle christmas trees are cute! love the tutorial on how to make a cinnamon stick candle! I love cinnamon too. :) very cool christmas ball wreath. i like the fabric for the beary cute hat! the acorn hat is adorable! wow. the ice cream cone grilled cheese is awesome. and the fruit snack is hilarious! the salmon looks yummy! the hotel decor was funny.