Wednesday, November 29, 2000

4:37 a.m. Blues

I don't know why I can't sleep. I've tried, and it isn't getting me anywhere... I've been catching up on my television shows that I've been taping. (Gilmore Girls from the past 2 weeks, boy am I behind! ER from last Thursday, also Will & Grace and Monday night television on CTV... I don't know why I can't get to sleep, but I have to be awake in about an hour and a half anyhow, so there's no point to go to bed now anyhow. I don't know how I am going to make it through my 8:30 am dance class without any sleep and my portfolio is due on Thursday, AHHH! I am under control. I am under control... I think! I don't know why I can't get to sleep. I am wondering if I should just skip my first class, sleep in and get some work done, and then eventually make it to my 4pm class. But then I am going to have to cancel on my new friend that I am meeting in the morning and I don't want to do that! I really want to chill with her. But I can't sleep. Oy, why does this always happen to me? The last time I couldn't get to sleep was back in June I think. I remember, it was a friday night. I was up all night, and then my boyfriend left for the golf course and paged me. Boy, why do I remember things like that, but I can't remember other important things.. Life DOES work in weird ways.

Ok, this 4, almost 5 am talk is getting to me. I am not wired or anything and I am not a coffee drinker, so I can't figure out why I am like this. No clue. My sleeping habits lately have been weird.

Well, I don't have much else to say right now. Just that I am going to go crazy if I don't go to bed til late tonight. Thursday morning I am definitely SLEEPING in! hopefully I will be able to get to bed then!

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