Sunday, November 26, 2000

Morning Blues

You know what I find hilarious? The way a story can and will get twisted. I made a comment to my boyfriends mother last night about how he's always sleeping and tired when it's me that has plans. Remember my entry from yesterday? (If not, please read to understand).

Anyhow, so she twisted some of my words, unless she just didnt hear me correctly in the first place. Then when I am speaking to my boyfriend this morning from my car on my way to school, I asked him, (I dont know why) if he's upset with me at all for my behaviors yesterday. Which wasnt so bad to begin with. Anyhow, He's like, no, why would I be? And then I am like, oh, ok, just making sure, and then he says, but there's something else I wish to discuss with you later. Not now. I hate that. That's one of my pet peeves. If you're going to start you might as well finish, because then you leave the person wondering in suspense all day, and that would just ruin my entire day. You know what I mean? So then he tells me that his mother told him that I told her that I said he bashes my family. When that's NO WHERE NEAR WHAT I SAID to begin with!!! I actually mentioned in passing, that I was upset that whenever I have plans for dinner with my family, he is always busy or tired and never comes out with us for dinner. And it was just shocking because it was one of his fave restaurants that we were going to last night..... oh boy! Why would he bash my family? He gets along great with my family. They all have inside jokes and whatnot with one another. It's cute. Anyhow, you know what else pisses me off? Whenever we see each other, he never really kisses me anymore, besides when we are fooling around, or whatnot. He's still doing the hand holding in public and when we're cuddling, but as far as giving me a kiss once and a while, nope.. We were together all day yesterday, and we did not kiss EVEN ONCE! And that bothers me.

So now I dont know whether I should say something to his mom or not. I dont know. I want to, but then he may get mad at me if I do? So right now I am going to leave it be. I mean, I could email her, but if I say something about that I will do it on the phone, I think that's better. Maybe later I will call his house to see what's doing, and how everyone is feeling. Then mention it in passing??

I have another one of my 6 hour breaks at school today. I dont know whether I should go home and try and stick out the 6 hours at school. I guess I will decide before the end of my 8:30 am dance class. It's 8:24 am now and I am going to head to class in a few. This girl was complaining to her friend this morning on the escalators in school ( I was right behind her), that she got ripped of at McDonalds on a coffee. And she was yacking, and yacking, and complaining and complaining.. Hey, she didnt have to buy it if she didnt want to... Grr. People who bitch like that really bother me... I hope when I bitch about other things I dont sound like that!! Gotta jet to class, Later!

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