Thursday, November 23, 2000

Can't Find What I Need

Been going nuts looking for a pair of scissors everywhere cant find a single pair. I don’t know where they all disappeared to?

I went babysitting this evening for the kids across the road from me, and made 20$. Gotta love making money to sit on people's computers and tie up their phone lines by using the Internet. I also watched some TV, made some phone calls and catched up on some schoolwork. And made 20$ buckaroos (Canadian) while I was at it!! Gotta love that.

I was informed on Monday, I guess I missed the message that I got on the next free trip to Israel. It's taking place February 11-22, 2000 and my cousin J is also going on that trip. She also excited. I called her this evening to find out what trip she was on but she was half asleep so I mentioned that I would call her back tomorrow night. With the situation in Israel, I don’t think I am going to be attending this trip. Maybe I will see if I can trade in my spot for the trip after that one. Hopefully it won’t conflict with school at that point. The trip is basically opened to anyone between the ages of 18-26 whom have never been to Israel before. So I applied. And didn’t get on the winter break trip this December but I cant believe I made it on to this trip! That is awesome!! We'll see we'll see...

I got my film back from the photo lab today. I have 3 nice rolls of film now. I can't believe it cost me 27$ and change (Canadian) to developed 3 rolls of film getting quadruple copies. (My mom and sister and boyfriend all want/get copies!!) I make my boyfriend a scrapbook every so often and I was waiting for the pictures from my sister's Sweet 16 to finish off his scrapbook. I am going to work on my scrapbook over the winter break from school. I can’t wait to get out of school.

I have so much that I have to do over winter break, it's not funny. I want to *develop my black and white film and make use of my darkroom *Read the long list of books that I have on my shelf and pick up the books that I don’t have yet, but should *Start and finish my scrapbook *Update my website which is currently pretty much non-existent *Work extra hours and make tons of money *Rent movies I neglected to see and watch them. I am still DYING to see Stuart Little (I like the actor Jonathan Lipniki, ain't he adorable??)

So I went into the other Wal-Mart today near where I park my car to go to school. I went to the other one by me last night with my sister. They didn't have what I wanted at both Wal-Mart’s. But last night I ended up spending 56$ (Canadian) on 12 rolls of film and a new hairbrush, which I tested out today and works rather nicely.

I showered today while at my boyfriend's house on my 6-hour break from school. I find it took cold to hang around school anymore. BBRRRR!

I wore three layers to school today. A long sleeve baby-tee type shirt, my old navy sweater and my fleece sweatshirt. I look like a snowman, but at least I was comfy during my 4pm class today, and not freezing cold. I went and saw my teacher today for my autobiography class. I think I am understanding the work more clearly now. I like that. It's better that way. If you go see the teacher, they think you are really trying to put your all 110% into their work/assignment and therefore you will get a better mark. IT'S ALL P.R. and how you go about doing it!! I learned that on Monday :) Can't remember how or what or so forth....

So at Wal-Mart I purchased some more Crayola Crayon Project Glue. That stuff is the best stuff in the world. Works like a charm. It's been holding together all my collage work for my Art Literature Class.. I can’t wait for school to be over, I can’t emphasize that enough!!!!! I also picked up a Kiwi Lip gloss. Kiwi is my all time fave, MMMMMM! The best stuff in the world. The best is Kiwi Lip smackers, but UNFORTUNATELY one cant buy Kiwi Lip smackers in solo packs anymore. You can only get it in packs of 3 with Mango and another flavour, something fruity, but mixed fruity, as well. But what I bought wasn’t a lip smacker, it was something else. Oh well. I was going to buy a new book but I realized that I have so many books to read at home already, that the book would have to wait. Oh well. There is a book sale going on at school in the basement near our lockers. I am so tempted to buy like 4-5 books because they are all at good prices. Which is good cuz then I can afford them. There is one that I have had my eye on all week. I think I am going to purchase it tomorrow. I also, got this new Hair streaking' kit by Feria. My sister's friend Josh, who is also a friend of mine, is coming over tomorrow to help me highlight my hair. He's 2 yrs older than my sister and a year and a half younger than me. He's a nice guy. We're going to do lunch together too. Sounds like a plan.

I am so bored with my hair; it's about time I made a change! It's about time! I will let you know how that turns out, but I am so not worried :)

I was talking to a married friend this evening. I am such a dreamer. I can’t wait to get that rock on my finger. :) I’ve been dreaming of my wedding since I was 6 yrs old. I have my entire wedding almost all mapped out. I just hope that I find that special someone. I am currently sooooo happy in my current relationship. My guy totally makes me happy. I still don’t have a name for him, and I am going to sleep on it I guess and decide when I really have to, on a name to call him. Right now he will simply be "the boyfriend" "my boyfriend" etc, to you... Any suggestions on names? Anyhow, I think that's all I want to say for now. It's 1:57 am and I want to hop into my cozy bed.. MMMM, sweet dreaming.

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