Monday, November 27, 2000

Voting, Chasing & Better Spirits

I will be online almost all night, bad me! It's my routine when I dont have anything else to do. I never ever get any work done while I am at home! Well tonight I am going to try, because I want to see if I can get my creative writing portfolio in tomorow instead of in on thursday when it's really due. I don't want to have to think about it any longer. You know that feeling?? I've got other school assignments on my mind! Argh! Damn ass school. So where to start. First school, yes, ahhhh! Well my teacher has totally pissed me off. I went and tried to prepare my essay as an oral for her, and she turned on me and totally changed my question. My outlook on that totally changed. I hate her even more now, but I am going to stick out the last three classes I have with her and that's the end of that. All I want in this class is a 60%, so that I can pass it and not have to take something else to make up the mark next semester. I don't know what I am going to do about that assignment. Well since it's one of the last few things due, I am leaving it to one of the last few things I need to do. I have other things due before and I need a break from that or I may actually breakdown!

What's next... Oh, yeah, on my way home, I am listening to the news, and there's this broadcast, about a high speed chase, going the wrong way of traffic, heading right towards me... that was interesting. I caught a glimps of it, but I had to turn off to get to where I was going... to vote.

Voting, ah ha ha.... Yea, so I get there and there are LONG line ups. I was like no way in heck I am staying. But thank goodness the line up for where I had to stand to vote (by last name) wasnt so long. Anyhow, so I am standing there listening to my walkman. This lady comes over to me and tells me I am not allowed using electronics in the voting area... BULLSHIT MY ASS! So, I say to her, very loudly, so that other people can hear, because she was really starting to piss me off, (and I didnt want to be there to begin with) "RIGHT, LIKE THE BACKSTREET BOYS ARE GOING TO TELL ME WHO TO VOTE FOR." I wasn't even listening to the Backstreet Boys, but it was the only thing on the top of my head that she would understand, that I could think of! Right, like she knows who Eminem is!! Ha ha, I got that comment from my boyfriend. He was pre-voting...and his cell phone rang. It was one of the kids he coaches or something like that, to find out when one of the practices were at. And so, the grumpy old man there, was telling my boyfriend to get off his cell phone. So he opened his mouth (he likes to do that when he doesnt get his way!) and said, "What, a 10 year old kid is going to tell me who I am voting for?" The man shut up. It was pre-voting anyhow. There wasn't really anyone there anyhow. Ridiculous I tell you. It's just funny that something like that would stick in my mind, and when I would need a comeback, I had one to use. Usually when I need a comeback, I don't have one. It's funny!

So onto the boyfriend situation from earlier. We're cool. I don't know how or why, things just worked itself out in the end. It seems to usually become like that. I am going to see him tomorrow after school. I usually dont see him as much as I saw him this weekend and I try to get some space and time to myself as well. Just like I like to give him space, too. Anyhow, so Friday night, he's coming over to my place this time, and I don't know what we're doing, yet, but I know that I want to make him dinner and I want to surprise him with I DONT KNOW WHAT!!!

Well I am totally craving a grilled cheese sandwich. So I am going to attempt to go an make one.

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