Tuesday, November 21, 2000

~wRiTeR's bLoCk~

First there's the mess on the expressways in my city. The freakin' construction they are doing in my area, it's unbelievable... I hate it!!! I really do hate it. Traffic jams up and I hate traffic with a passion, who does?

Anyhow, so I was late to school today, no biggy. That doesn't matter at all. The class that I had, the teacher is cool. And then I had my French class. Oy, French class... I was supposed to do my French Group Oral today, but thank goodness the lady from the 'evaluation' committee came in to save the day! The last few minutes of the class (ok, not a few, like 20 minutes, so it's a long enough of a time to save the day!) we had to fill in this evaluation thing on our teacher. She's a cool teacher, and makes French Class fun, so of course I gave her a good review. But I was not ready to do my oral presentation today. I had it all prepared and all, but I didnt memorize it yet... Anyhow, this way I have til Thursday to 'memorize' it. So that's ok... but I have so much else to do for school, that's the least of my worries! I cant wait til the 2.5 weeks of school is over so that I can finally relax... That would be nice. Soon, soon...

After school, I made my way home. I handed in my film at the photo place from my sister's birthday bash this past weekend and some other rolls that I am dying to get developed. (I don't develop my colour film myself, only my black and white photos). I can't wait to get those back on Thursday morning... I have so much to write on for my creative writing portfolio that's due next Thursday (Nov. 30th) but now I totally have writers block and don't know what to write. I am stuck for ideas... If you have any, please feel free to suggest! Honestly, I am totally up for suggestions!

$I went to walmart this evening and stocked up on tons of film. Now I don't have to worry about getting film for ages. I got 12 rolls of film!! They came in packs of 6, 4 of the 400 asa film and 2 of the 800 asa film in each pack, kind of as a bonus. Not as if this means anything to you does it? Enless you're into photography, I guess?! So that was my typical day. And my thoughts on my day.. I think that's all for now...

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