Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Cute Conversations With 3 Year Olds

Today's a complete change from yesterday!!!

Sometimes I get these wild urges to write and sometimes I just dont like to write at all. And I've totally been neglecting my other journal, you know the one with paper.. paper? what's that!! Just kidding. Anyhow, tomorrow I am meeting up with a friend from OD. I am so excited to meet her. We go to the same college and I went to this meeting for a literary club that she's in charge of (I think) and we didn't really meet meet, but we've met. It's weird. So technically tomorrow, we are re-meeting. That should be cool. I was surfing the Od site and came across her site and we started talking. We put two and two together and I realized that I had seen her before. She's a really nice girl!

I had my Creative Writing Class today, my teacher's on crack I swear. We had fun in class today. There's this thing on Monday, a reading for our class. I can't decide whether I am going to attend it or not, and if I attend it, there is another decision of whether or not I read any of my work. Now, if I want to be a writer (if that'll ever happen...) then I should read my work and "get known" even if it's in the little community of my classmates and their friends. I dont know what I am talking about right now! Forgive me. I promised myself that I would only let myself stay on the net for 15 more minutes from now. I have so much school work to take care of, it's unbelievable.

I went to my boyfriend's house for dinner this evening and just got home from there. While there, my boyfriend's sister (whom I will call Elle) (who got married and moved onto my street! {before i even met my boyfriend! and before I even knew who she was!} and she told me that her friend's 3 year old daughter (who had visited my house this summer to come swimming in my backyard) was inquiring about me. Me? I can't believe that she even remembered me! She's three years old! The little girl Abbie told Elle that she wanted to see me. Elle told Abbie that I was in school and that I couldnt come over to their house. Abbie started with Elle and said she wanted to see me now. She was all upset over it! How cute! So Elle promised that I would call later and that when I was out of school for vacation time (she understands vacation time because her dad gets vacation time from work and it's a "happy" time - the things they tell kids these days i tell ya!) that I would come over and play. Anyhow, Elle gave me their phone number and I called to talk to Abbie. Abbie was so cute on the phone. Here was our phone conversation. It was so cute, I had to type it out for you!

Me; Hi Abbie, how are you?
Abbie; I am good today.
Me; That is good to hear. How is your baby sister, you taking good care of her?
Abbie; Yes I am! I am a big sister. Baby just went pee. When are you coming over to play?
Me; I am in school now. When I get out for vacation time I promise you that I will come over and play. Is that ok with you?
Abbie; I like vacation time. I go to school with you?
Me; You want to come to school with me? I go to a big people's school. You would find that boring.
Abbie; But I go to school with you, tomorrow?
Me; I dont think your mommy would let. Do you go to school Abbie?
Abbie; I go to school with you.
Me; Okay Abbie, pass me back to your mommy. I promise you that on vacation time I will come and visit.

It was the cutest conversation that I had ever had. I was giggling almost the whole entire time. It was one of those you had to be there moments, I guess. Abbie did the outgoing message on their answering machine. It says... "Who let the dogs out, woof, woof, Who let the dogs out, woof, woof, who let the sheeps out, baah, baah, who let the sheeps out, baah, baah (said by abbie, then her dad comes on and says) as you can see Abbie is entertaining her new sister, leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!" or something to that effect with the ending. how adorable, eh? Just the cutest...

My cousin is coming over tomorrow night so that I can do her homework for her. Man, what a pissoff. The last time I did (putting her project onto a free internet site like angelfire or expage) she bought me a present, kind of as a token of her appreciation. I dont even remember how to do it anymore. Man, I havent used HTLM or the likings of that in ages. Maybe I will use the program Front Page so that it will transform it into HTML for me so that I dont have to do any work! Lazy me. I am going to have to go digging for my computer book from last year. I think I should still have it. Oh well.

Anyhow, more work to go and do. Maybe I will be in a typing mood tomorrow. I am done for the day. I am not even answering any emails in my inbox that are more than 1k. That's how lazy I am today. Since I missed spaghetti (my fave meal) tonight for dinner, I am going to go see if there is any leftovers. I am totally craving it! MMMmmm... dinner at my boyfriend's tonight wasnt so bad to begin with anyhow..

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