Sunday, November 26, 2000

Any Given Sunday

I have my usual routine. I go to work, I come home, eat dinner and do laundry and attempt to do homework (that part rarely happens). But this weekend I decided to go ahead and work on Saturday instead of Sunday because this morning my boyfriend and I attended his friend's engagement party. And then I went and watched him coach hockey. (that was interesting because i had never seen him coach before, and there is a kid on the team that has 2 mothers, and it's cute, them being together cheering their son on, holding hands ;)

Anyhow I went out of my way to rearrange my schedule so I can make it work for my boyfriend and his plans... So I went along with all that today. And then, when my dad calls my cell and tells me that my family plus his best friends family are going out for dinner, and that I am expected to be there, would my boyfriend like to come along? Well as soon as I got off the phone, I asked my boyfriend and he's like no, I am tired. I just want to go home and relax in bed. I was fumming at that point. Didnt let it show though. It's amazing, that he can do what suits him best, but when I ask him to come out with my family or whatnot, he's got other things he needs to do. This has happened once or twice before. Anyhow, it's not as if he hates my family or something. He was at my sister's sweet 16 birthday bash last weekend and he's over at my house sometimes too. I dont know what's gotten into him lately. I love him to pieces, yes, but sometimes he drives me crazy. It's nuts... but I love him.

And that's what it results in..

Otherwise dinner with my family and dad's friends family was fun. My 17 year old brother tried picking up the 20something year old waitress, that was definitely cute. My dad's friends 3 year old son had everyone awwwing over him, he's adorable. He definitely won the heart of the our waitress whom my brother was still trying to pick up. And my dad and his friend were glued to the Satelite screen watching the Grey Cup..

Anyhow, it's 11:40pm right now. I want to head to bed. I have laundry waiting for me downstairs, I havent taken out my contact lenses yet and argh! So much to feckin' do!

Tomorrow I get to use my right to vote for my first time. The first election in a while, since I've been legal.

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