Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Long Day

My cousin was over and we did her website. It's awesome, but I've totally neglected my work, even if my cousin did help me with some of my work while I was doing hers! I can't type long because I have to finish my Creative Writing Portfolio which is due tomorrow at 2pm! My friend from New Brunswick sent me a package today, it had some pretty awesome things in there. Gum, Kiwi lipbalm (MY FAVE), a journal, some candles, a picture frame, some christmas ornaments (even though I am Jewish they are adorable and i love them!), a gelly roller pen. And some other awesome things. I can't wait to mail her out her package, she's going to love it. It's always awesome to get packages in the mail! I swap packages with 3 friends, and another friend of mine is in the US British Virgin Islands teaching sailing for a year, so I decided that I will send her a package. (She can't get Canadian/American products down there such as Tampons, etc.) I think I am going to surprise her with it for Xmas :) I like surprising people.

I hadn't heard my boyfriend tell me that he loves me in almost two weeks, but tonight he said it. That totally made my day (besides getting the package of course) :) He says he is not the type of person who likes to share his emotions. He says that I should know that he loves me, and not to worry about it. But he doesn't feel it's necessary to remind me every "two minutes" (for example) that he loves me. I guess that's understandable. To a certain extent. I am sure, and I hope that all that does pass over and things get back to normal. It's just stress at work for him and I think that's bothering him... both his parents are back at home, recovering, so that's good :) Incase you're unaware his mom had breast cancer, and his dad had a quadruple bypass. So it's work and hockey, his family and then me. Sometimes I feel like a 5th priority and I hate it.

Here's the map out...
1) work
2) kids hockey (that he coaches)
3) youth hockey (that he plays)
4) his parents
5) then if i am lucky me...

It's annoying, but whatever. I should be up there equally with all the others not as a fifth. And that's how I feel. Am I wrong to feel this way? Please let me know. But things should get back to normal, I hope soon.. Tomorrow's our 8 month anniversary. We don't celebrate them really anymore. We celebrated the first 6 and then it's like, why celebrate each month, that's annoying.

Anyhow, so we'll celebrate one year when it comes up in March :) That sounds like a plan... Tomorrow morning I am going to get my acrylic french manicure done. I used to get them done but it was getting ridiculously expensive. But I just found a place that is better in price, so I am going to check that out tomorrow morning. I will let you know how they turn out. Going to jet.

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