Friday, November 24, 2000

Weird People Out There

The Stress.. Finally only 2 weeks left of school. I can feel the weight on my shoulders. Have you ever felt that? It's like darkening my aura. I was very snappy to a friend this morning, and I probably should not have been. I can feel the stress, and it's killing me. There is so much else going on around that stress as well, it's unbelievable.

Anyhow, my hotmail account, not the one created for this account, my other one, has been corrupted. A virus apparently was sent to it, and I can't even get into it... Oh, whatever. I am ticked off with hotmail anyhow. I hate them. Damn free service. Screwing over people royally. It's not the first time I've had to change accounts. I was getting so much trash mail in one account, it was ridiculous. I hate that.

Then there was an incident about 2 months ago, where someone changed my password to my hotmail account on me, and started sending out emails to my friends and family. He or She or They sent out a really disgusting email saying it was me, and that I am this and I am that (and this and that weren't nice words.. Not at all..) It makes me wonder if people out there seriously have too much time on their hands. Anyhow, so I am looking for a new server to create an account with. A free server that I can check my mail from anywhere. You know? Like hotmail but better.. And I dont know why, but I hate yahoo mail... No reason.. I have never created an account there and I never plan to.. I just dont like it. Don't know why. Just dont.

I am over at my boyfriend's house. Still pondering on a "nickname" to call him on here.. And of course, he's sleeping. I still promise you that I will explain his sleeping habits one of these days... So you know what I am talking about. He's stubborn about that. Anyhow, I am going to jet, I have some work to do before dinner and before we go out for my boyfriend's friends birthday. Downtown drinking. Fun, fun... Later! (I will write more when I get in!)

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