Thursday, August 19, 2010

08.19.10 :: 113 weeks old


Mack is 113 weeks old today.


I received this personalized beach bag from Simply Bags. I was sent this roomy and durable Stylish Beach Tote ($27.99) to try out. Because I like big bags, and because my boys are getting bigger & if I can avoid using my diaper bag if I can, this bag has become my every day bag lately. It hold everything. I love the rope handles, the bright stripes and the sturdy canvas exterior. It comes in 6 choices of color and can be monogrammed in 4 thread colors. I do wish it had a few more pockets, other than the two small ones which are good for storing a cell phone and some cash or maybe a pocket camera.


Finally worked out the kinks on Ravelry and got my sock collection listed for sale! You can now download all 15 patterns for 18$. (Just a little over 1$ per pattern!) You can still purchase the sock patterns individually if you want, as well.

I went to go enter 2 contests in a Canadian Magazine I get (a parenting one) and both contests exclude the province of Quebec! So mad!

I asked my doc's office yesterday something about my condition that I read online. She said to me "most of the info on the 'net we classify as "American Information" and here in Canada we don't call that Medical advice". LOL. I really do have to stop reading stuff that I google. It's only going to scare me even more about my placenta previa & the health of baby boy number 3.


I am going to make the most of my "keeping my feet up". I spoke to my doc's office again today (my doctor actually is on vacation for just over a week) so one of her colleagues reviewed my file and gave me instructions of what to do and not to do. Because the ultrasound technician was noticing I was having contractions during my ultrasound, (which I've been feeling as well here & there) if I start feeling them more, I have to be over-cautious and go straight to the case room at the hospital where I will deliver. I am praying I don't have any scares, and I will be monitored extremely closely. I see my doctor again in about 2 weeks, so I will know more then (around 24 weeks - 6 months) if anything changes. I can't believe I'm already 5 and a half months pregnant. I feel like we JUST found out the news yesterday.

Today's Link Love:
- Love this great Caterpillar Toy Tutorial.
- Dream of learning how to roller skate properly. Too bad these arent my size.
- Sean is really into playing kitchen lately. This set is really neat. I actually got him a plastic set in Ottawa earlier this summer, but these felt ones look really neat.
- I hope to try these homemade Strawberry-Yogurt Popsicles. Yum!
- I love this Reusable Bamboo Utensil Set.
- Love this necklace.
- Loves this girls photography, especially this print.
- Love these Modica Necklaces. Oh and their earrings too!


Caroline said...

I love the bag!

And I think my pregnancy is going quickly too. I'm 12 weeks already! Didn't I just find out yesterday?

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

Yes - please take it easy!!!! It sounds like your medical people are on the case and taking good care of you.

g-girl said...

awesome that you were able to list all your sock patterns into a collection on rav. :) you're so fancy! yeah, i have learned to not take things TOO seriously when I google medical stuff online but I know it's hard. just keep relaxing. i can't believe you're nearly 6 months along!

Tara said...

I'm a medical librarian, so I know of what I speak: NEVER trust anything you find on the Internet!!!