Friday, June 13, 2008

june thirteen :: 76 weeks

Sean is 76 weeks old today. I can't believe he's almost 18 months.
It's cliché, but where does time go?

Today was errand day, and I got a lot accomplished, thank heavens my mom is able to help us out, it was a very big help. Especially since it's getting harder & harder to take Sean in and out of the car, as well as my sister having my car until Sunday or Monday on her trip.

A while back I'd hosted the Stitch Marker Exchange (I stopped due to too much going on in my life) and I had in my last swap Shelley (whom I spoiled in Secret Pal 10) as a partner. Anyhow, Shelley moved to Korea to teach English for a year and forgot her supplies at home. She finally got her hands on some supplies and mailed me (very belated, but very appreciated & loved) some stitch markers! (And a bunch of other goodies - which I totally was NOT expecting!) Above (right) she also sent me some sock leftovers for Sean's Blankie.

She also sent some fun yarn, it's called Fiance, and it says it's Top Dyed Wool & Kid Mohair. Color 176. Couldn't find any information in Ravelry on it.

I also got some wonderful stickers & crayons and a note pad, and some awesome candies & gum. I'm a big gum chewer, so this just made my day. It was awesome. Thank you sooooo very much Shelley. I love everything! Thank you for sending me stuff! You went above & beyond!

This round of SP, we are to post the answer to a "Question of the Week" on our blogs. The question of this week is, "What's your favorite summertime drink?"

Well, considering that I'm currently 9 months pregnant, and can't really drink anything alcoholic just yet (and won't be able to since I'll be breastfeeding as long as I possible can make it work), I'd have to say that my fave summertime (and all year round) drink is a nice tall glass of Diet Coke with just the right amount of ice (not too much, not too little!) Nothing fancy, I know, but I'm addicted!

This evening I went over to my parents house, my mom picked us up, and Sean & I went swimming in their pool until Sean started to get cold. It was nice to get into their pool (which was heated at almost 87 degrees). The air on the outside was starting to cool down, so it did get chilly after a while. It was nice to feel weightless in the water though. However, my bathing suit officially doesn't fit me anymore, so I struggled to keep it covering all of me. I'm not really going to buy a new bathing suit for 3-4 more weeks of pregnancy (though Monday I'm 37 weeks pregnant, and I'm hoping to not go past the month of June being pregnant, which will bring me to max of 39 weeks at the end of June). (Monday June 30th is 39 weeks pregnant).

Happy Friday everyone!

What are you doing tomorrow for WWKIP day??!
I'm going knitting with the West Island/Laval Knits girls!


Bertha said...

I totally forgot it was WWKIP day! I'm on my way to the beach, so I'll have to bring a sock with me!

Timiae said...

Korea! No fair... my mom is Korean and I LOVE Korea... I would love love love to get some of that Fiance yarn! I need to call my imo (aunt) in Korea...

Bea said...

Awesome swap package!

Tara said...

Looks like Sean enjoyed his inflatable car! I'm going to try Maxime in his this weekend.