Thursday, June 05, 2008

june five

This morning Sean was teething really badly, so I took out the Raspberry teether and he was really happy. I had totally forgotten about it, actually I didn't really think he was interested in it anymore, so I'd put it away.

Yep, he was happy I'd found it. It didn't leave his mouth for a while. I think he must be cutting a new tooth. Must be. He's been drooling a bit too. Another sign of cutting a tooth.

Though, he slept from midnight-8:30 am this morning in his own crib, and didn't wake up once during the night (I'm super happy about this!)

So! My dish chair! I got it! I love it!!! Mr. Monkey wanted to read a book in it and test it out.

And it also fits one VERY pregnant mama. It's going to me my knitting/reading/breastfeeding chair. I'm sure there will be some napping in it too. It's soooooo damn comfortable.

We got a new tree in our backyard, courtesy of my parents. They didn't like the way it looked in their yard, so it got transplanted over here. I hope it continues to thrive! We'll see what happens with it.

While outside in the backyard, Sean decided to help me with checking out (and watering the garden) (In the afternoon the earth looked a little dry, it didn't rain at all yesterday, not since Tuesday night)

My tomato plants are looking very beautiful and strong! I'm very happy about this!

I even planted some strawberry plants. Apparently they are little ones. I had to soak them for 1 hour before planting them in the ground. The spot I wanted them to plant them in needs to be turned, so I planted them in a makeshift spot for now. They'll be moved shortly I hope. But since I already had soaked them, they needed to go into the ground.

Some of the flowers on my "rose bush" have blossomed! I've never seen roses like this - are they actually indeed roses? Does anyone know? (Sarah?) Maybe I'm just not that into flowers, so that I'm not sure what I expect of a rose to look like! LOL. I'm just trying to remember what roses that I've received look like, and for some reason, they never looked like this, I think?

I got some mail today, another stash enhancement. I got some really hard to find Artyarn Ultramerino4 sock yarn in colorway 141. I'd seen it in person beforehand, as Mona had been knitting some wrist warmers or something with it. And I loved it. Needed to get some of my own. So, I did. I'm bad. I heart yarn. It's true.

I was playing with photography for a bit, it's been a while since I got my creative juices flowing (I've been bad, I know)... and just loved this shot of the leaves.

I think I know the reason why I've been coughing for about two weeks now.... and why my nose won't stop running (but not in the sense of a cold)... We finally got our central air working about two weeks ago, and I think the air ducts need to be cleaned. I couldn't even tell you how long ago the last time the air ducts were cleaned. Not since we've owned the house, which is only 7 months now (since November 1st, 2007) and who knows if the lady who lived here for 20+ years before us, when the last time that she got them cleaned was. I need to call back the company that came in and gave us a quote back in the late fall to come and actually do the work.

So, I've solved my comments issue. I simply added "" to my contact list in hotmail. Guess what? ALL my comments are coming through now. What I can't figure out is how on earth it just stopped coming through for a while?? How is that even possible? I've always gotten all my comments emailed to me before. Then all of a sudden, what, about 2 weeks ago my comments stopped coming. I just didn't understand it. But I saw that I was still getting comments because I moderate my comments, so I get them via my blogger dashboard anyhow.

Phew! I am so happy it was just a matter of adding "" to my contact list. Which, is what your comments show up as, if you have NO email address in your blogger profile. (Did you know that you could add an email address to your blogger profile so that your friends can reply easier rather than having to type out your email address into the email each time they reply? If you want to know how to do that (add it to your profile), leave me a comment, I'll send you a tutorial on how-to that I did for someone in an MS-Word document.

Sean & I went for dinner with Jamie's dad and step-mom tonight. (Jamie had baseball tonight) We went out for some yummy italian food. MMmm. My fave food. Sean had some Tortellini with meat sauce. Isn't he cute after eating meat sauce?


jane said...

looks like an old skool rugosa rose to me (these are seriously old world, prickly and awesome). super hearty even in crazy prairie winters.

I can't be more specific without my gardening books (well my mom's really), but I'm sure it has some nasty thorns and probably a decent fragrance to it too.

Caroline said...

I want to know how to add my email addy. Can you send me the tutorial, pretty please!

carolynswafford said...

Sean is seriously a little cutie! He looked like he was having a GREAT time at the restaurant! Esp. with all that food! It made me smile... :)

Zonda said...

Yay! You got your dish chair!! That raspberry teether is cool, I so could have used that (well, 13 and 18 yrs ago LOL!) The garden is looking good, you got a cute helper too!

dawn said...

I don't think its stopped raining here in the Seattle area for two weeks. We'll have to send some your way :-)

Nell said...

Sean's such a cutie! I hope he didn't get you with the hose!

Drea said...

I wish i knew where taites razbaby was!! i lost it.. he needs it bad right now.

Tara said...

That chair will make a great addition to your bedroom balcony. And Sean looks like a little Barbarossa after tortellini! :)

daay said...

I love the bowls that your yarn is sitting in. When my oldest was young my mom purchased a set like those for him. They were well loved. So, thanks for making me smile, and such a random thing at that, huh?

g-girl said...

i love that shot of you in your dish chair!!! :)