Sunday, June 29, 2008

june twenty-nine

This afternoon was an errand afternoon, and we basically ended up at Costco picking up everything that we were out of stock on at home. Costco is never cheap when we walk out of there. We ended up running into Jamie's dad & step-mom there while we sat down for a hot dog before leaving, and then as we were leaving my mom showed up at Costco to check something out.

When we were done, I had Jamie drop the boys & I off at my parents house. It was really hot out and I wanted Sean to be able to take advantage of this summer and get some swim time in. I cannot wait to be able to go swimming again. The hospital told me to wait 6 weeks to go into a public pool, but that 3-4 weeks should be okay for a private pool, like the one in my parents backyard. If I had to wait until 6 weeks, there goes the summer. (6 weeks brings me to the first week of August). Sean (above) is swimming with my sister.

Sean actually swam to the stairs ALL BY HIMSELF, with just the arm floaties on! What a big boy! I was really impressed! I couldn't believe it! He's getting more & more confident each time he's in the pool.

Sean loves to be thrown in the air. The kid has no fear!

Mack also enjoyed a little bit of time by the pool before a storm blew in for a bit (it poured rain!)

This evening we went out for dinner my immediate family & my boys. Jamie picked us up at my parents house, as we all couldn't fit in my parents car, not now that I have 2 kids and we went out to a local fave restaurant. We hadn't been there in a while, and it was good to get out. It was Mack's first outing to a restaurant!

Jamie & I chilled and watched some TV and I feel like I am going to pass out, so I'm going to go hit the sack. Tomorrow is a busy day (Mack has his first doctor's appointment & I have some errands to run). Always errands to run. Tuesday is a holiday here (Canada Day!) so I want to get a ton of things accomplished before then!

No knitting got done. So very sad. I need to make some more time for knitting & some more time for reading. I want to finish my book that I'm currently in the middle of. That's the plan.

There are just a few spots left in the August Sock Club! Sign up now before it's too late!


Jenn said...

I know the feeling, I wanna go swimming so bad too. It's one of the things that Paisley and I like to do together and I can't wait to take little Rowan in as well. I only have about a month left until we can go!
OMG, I can see Mack's getting bigger already! They grow so fast

Anonymous said...

wow look at him swim! cute swimmies. where'd u find those? your sis is beautiful

Tara said...

Émilie and Maxime both love to go swimming, but Émilie just won't put those floatie things on! Gotta try it again next time we're in the pool.

Amelah said...

I LOVE that picture u took of Sean and I in the pool! It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! :)
OMG to hear him giggle when I threw him in the air!!!! I love ur boys!!! Feel free to have more LOL!!!!

Shelley said...

That's great that Sean swam to the stairs by himself! He really looks like he enjoys being thrown in the air...I can almost hear those giggles!

Bea said...

Oh! I can see your sister's face in Sean! Both your boys are so cute. Its wonderful that he's starting to really swim.

g-girl said...

i love sean's ladybug floaties!!! they're so cute. that is awesome that he swam to the stairs all by himself. love that pic of mack! :)