Tuesday, June 24, 2008

june twenty-four :: Mack 1 Week Old

Today is a holiday in Quebec, and so Jamie was off from work. (Mack's arrival is really good timing with today's holiday and Canada Day next week, since I need all the help I can get in the house, since I cannot lift Sean for 6 weeks due to having a C-section). So we packed up Mack in my Sling Rider (been dying to try it out) and we headed out to the park.

Mack was all cozy in the sling, I just loved wearing him. I got a bunch of new slings this time, so I cannot wait to try them out. It's really too bad that Sean is way too heavy for me to wear. He's just about 25 lbs now. Doesn't Mack look cozy also in his Baby Surprise Jacket that was made by his mommy? xoxo

We took time in our front yard to smell the roses.

And check out some new flowers that are blossoming.

We had fun at the park up the street from our house. Jamie got into the sand box with Sean, he just loved it (I think they both did!)

Sean had to test everything out in the park. Without fail, he loved everything!

Even Jamie got to try out some of the toys in the park! Boys will always be boys, eh?

Yesterday I received a bouquet of flowers from a friend of mine, Sherrie. I was a little confused at first because the card read that it was from "Cherry".... Thank you Sherrie, they are beautiful. I have them in the dinning room. The little vase it came in is really cute. I'm glad I get to keep it!

Mack is 1 week old today. Just like I did (and still do!) with Sean, I plan on doing weekly self-portrait photos with both my boys. Sean's weekly photos are on Friday, and Mack was born last Tuesday, so he'll get his photo take with me in the mirror on Tuesdays. I was just looking back at Sean's 2nd week photo, ahhhh, does time fly. I only started to think about doing self-portraits with Sean when he was 2 weeks old. But I have PLENTY of pics from his first week anyhow, I'm not worried!

We hit our first milestone today, Mack lost the stump from his umbilical cord! Woohoo! Finally! Now hw can get proper baths instead of sponge baths.

A while back I won a gift certificate from Jenn for a contest she held on her blog. With that gift certificate I ordered 2 knit books. I got Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together by Larissa Brown and Toilet Roll Covers by Pat Ashforth. Thank you Jenn! I just remembered I'd forgotten to share what books I'd gotten from the prize!

And from my brother for my birthday, I got to pick out Lace Style & Wrap Style. (I already own Scarf Style) to complete the collection of those books!

And from the hubby, in addition to my iPod touch that I got for my birthday, I received Knit So Fine: Designs with Skinny Yarn by Lisa Myers.

SP12 Question of the Week #2: As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

As a kid I used to look forward to not having to do homework anymore. I hated homework and school work, etc. I also went to camp for years, and used to look forward to attending that and seeing my friends (whom I didn't go to school with!) And the summers that I got to travel, that was even better!

I'm beat. Feeding on demand is draining me! I will post more tomorrow.

ps - July sock club kits sold out - but the August 2008 Sock Club is now up for sale. Due to the demand, I've decided to NOT take a vacation with the sock club right now, so stay tuned for some awesome goodies if you sign up!


Jennifer said...

i think i might use ur weekly self-portrait w/ baby idea...what a great way to watch and show the baby's growth, and maybe it'll encourage me to blog more regularly ;) now if only i can get over photographing myself regularly like that...usually don't want to take pics unless i'm all done up w/ the hair and makeup, but i know that might not happen once a week in the beginning ;)

Caroline said...

I love seeing all your pictures! You should post one of Sean at 1 week old so we can see if he and Mack look alike!!

Tara said...

I was wondering what you'd do about the sock club, what with the Yarn Harlot plugging it and everything!

Kimber said...

How do you like that sling? I have my two pouches and my Mei Tai so it's nice to hear what you think about your slings.

Mack is such a cutie pie! Your BSJ looks great on him!

Dawn ;) said...

I'm so happy for you ~ sorry I didn't stop by last week too busy from roadtrip to NC. He so cute but I didn't expect anything less. I'll be back soon. Enjoy your day! ;)

Susan said...

Congrats mommie on baby Mackenzie!

Madison said...

Regular self portraits with your baby are such a good idea! If only you had this blog 5 years ago when mine was a baby...never too late to start though.
But I have one thing that can change your weekly experience and make the camera vanish from the picture (unless it's your trademark...). It's called the Xshot, I have one and LOVE it, I am almost afraid to say that I always carry it in my purse with my camera.
It’s a lightweight telescopic arm that holds your camera and takes the pictures from 3 feet with the self timer. Pretty cool for 3D videos as well. It may even make your baby smile :)
Check it out at www.xshotpix.com

g-girl said...

wow, you got a lot of knitting books! I'm so glad that breastfeeding is much easier this time around than last time! :)

ScrapHappy said...

He is so beautiful, and so are you!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS! You look great. Feeling well?