Tuesday, June 10, 2008

june ten

I got the three skeins I ordered online of Sock-Ease by Lion Brand. I love them! (And there is no Acrylic in it whatsoever! Yep, I'm an acrylic snob!) I can't wait to try out this sock yarn. (One day!) The colors are awesome, and I can't wait to see how it knits up. Above is Taffy, Cotton Candy & Red Hots. Me like!

Progress on my pal's scarf. I love the way it's knitting up! Such a great pattern to work on.

We played out in the backyard a little this afternoon after returning home from an errand. Sean loves his tractor that we got as a gift second-hand from my parents best friends.

Since today is day 24 since planting my radishes, and the maturity date on the back of the package said 24-28 days for picking, I decided to check out, and "pluck" my first item from my garden.

The radish I pulled up was TINY! Here's the radish next to a penny for scale. I'm going to leave them in until day 28 to see if they get any bigger? I am not sure if 4 days will make a difference, but we'll see. Maybe these are tiny radishes?? Does that exist? Also, I could have sworn someone told me that I'll get more than 1 radish per seed. Looks like it's 1 radish per seed? Only 1 came up when I pulled up the leaves. That's a lot of leaves for 1 radish!

My toes.... they're no where in sight anymore. Almost 100% disappeared! And they're swollen. They hurt. I have been trying to keep my feet up as much as possible to stay off of them.

I can now proudly wear this shirt. 9 months pregnant..... (and I own this shirt in 2 other colors!) It's perfect weather for it too...! It's f-ing hot around here.

Today was a damn good mail day. However, even though I've photographed the contents of my mail, it would make this a super duper picture heavy post, and I'm beyond zonked. So, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to show you the goods... PROMISE! It's some wonderful birthday mail from Cynthia, (we do a birthday swap each year), as well as an awesome package from Shelley (all the way from Korea!) (I spoiled Shelley in SP10). Both ladies spoiled me rotten! Thank you. Pictures to come. Stay tuned.

My mother-in-law got called into work today, so she went today instead of tomorrow. (She works in accounting). So she's coming over tomorrow afternoon to help me make meat sauce in bulk for freezing for when Mackenzie is born. Hubby requested meat balls too, so I'll be making that as well.

This evening we had my family birthday dinner with my side of the family. It was really nice. We went to this new restaurant called Del Friscos. It was not bad. I would probably eat there again. It was really nice dinning with the family!

My Secret Pal 12 Questionnaire is now posted here. Happy reading!


g-girl said...

i've gotta tell ya, i love those lil ice cream cone bowls you have! the scarf is looking pretty good. that tractor and is awesome!! as for the radishes...maybe they need more than 4 more days??

Ammerins said...

Ooo, you've got such a gorgeous belly! Can't wait to see how Mack looks! Another week and then you're ready to pop! You're definitely going to the hospital? I had both of mine at home (wouldn't have made it, with labours lasting 3h15m and 40 m, yes FOURTY MINUTES), and loved it that way. But there is a lot to say for giving birth in a place with loads of nurses, doctors and no mess to clean up afterwards! haha

The shirt looks awesome! Wear it loud, wear it proud!

The radish looks a tad small, you're right. But a few days can make a huge difference. Everytime I go to the allotment, I'm amazed at how quick stuff grows. Super! Enjoy!! Which reminds me, I have some rubharb to turn into tart...

Casey said...

everytime I see your yarn, I want to buy some, but I don't knit. It just looks pretty to me :)

and where did you get that shirt? I LOVE it! so cute! I only see that much of my toes if I bend over my belly to look lol.

Nell said...

Great idea to make meat sauce to freeze!

Love those ice cream cone bowls. They are too cute!

Anonymous said...

I love how you have your yarn displayed for photography! It's so cute! Sean is also cute on his little tractor.

Jenny said...

What an adorably tiny radish! I would let them go at least a week or so more, it won't hurt.

Nikki said...

Even if you're hot and can't see your swollen toes, you're darn cute in that shirt!!!

the sock yarn looks great! I can't wait to try it!

Jenn said...

That sock yarn looks nice!! Like the colours you have displayed there. I also absolutely love that shirt of yours too cute. Soon girly soon....I'm sure your getting mega anxious. :-) Hang in there.

AliP said...

You can "start" picking them now for small ones. Thinning them out so to speak. Make sure they are watered and they should get bigger in a couple days or so. They grow fairly fast. They will stay tiny and hot as hell if they didn't have sufficient moisture. And yes its only one per seed. With beets there is more than one seed per seed casing so its possible to get more than one but they would then be too close together and should be thinned out.
Thats a beautiful belly.

Bea said...

I love the tractor! Wow thats awesome. And the teeny radish!! It seems like it could also be a dud?

Laural Dawn said...

You look great!
We're going to start planting some herbs. We'll see how it goes :)

Tara said...

I love your little ice cream cones. They're just adorable! Don't tell me: Dollarama!

Jennifer said...

omgosh - that 9 mos tank is adorable! it's been forever since i've been able to get online, but i should get my computer back next week, so i'll be able to keep up w/ you more. anyway, the shirt is too cute and you look GREAT!!!!! take care and good luck w/ the last few weeks...can't wait to see pics of baby mack!