Thursday, June 12, 2008

june twelve

This morning we got to sleep in a little bit, as Thursday mornings we stay home while the cleaning lady comes. (I can't clean this house in my "state" - LOL). Sean wanted to check out mommy's laptop, and started typing away. It was really cute. He also loves my new dish chair, which hasn't made it out onto the patio yet but as been used in our bedroom. I keep a blanket on it when I'm not using it, so that the cats don't get their hair on the chair material. Both cats LOVE my new chair!

My mom came over in the afternoon so I could do a few things around my office, and Sean fell asleep on her. He's really truly an angel when he's sleeping. Don't get me wrong, he's a good kid otherwise, (except when he's over due for a nap - LOL) but so cute when he's napping.

I also got to prepare a card for my nephew today. I had been looking around for a tooth fairy card to mail him. (Hadn't found one, so I invented my own). I wanted to send him a toonie from the Montreal tooth fairy, since he lives about 3.5 hours away from us. He's turning 6 this fall, and he's saving up to go to Madagascar! You have to hear him talk about it with such passion. It's great!

Progress on my Misty Garden Scarf. I'm loving this pattern. Super easy and it looks super good! I think I'm about 12 repeats in. Each repeat is 4 rows.

I've listed some more colors of my new Dangle-Free (No Dangle) Stitch Markers to my shop. I'm just LOVING these!!! I plan on adding some more colors soon! They are fun to make, and I love that the bead doesn't move on the ring. (I'm also having fun photographing them!)

Today, I'm going to show you the gift (birthday swap) that I got in the mail from Cynthia. Tomorrow, I'll feature the one that I got from Shelley in the mail. (Otherwise this will be too much of a picture heavy post).

So I got this lovely package from Cynthia in the mail for our annual birthday swap. It ROCKED!

First, I got this really cute little crochet doll. I have a place in my office for it already. I love it.

An awesome wood box for storage, some cute tissues & a soap, some ribbon, tape & gorgeous blue & brown buttons. I love buttons. Buttons are fun. (I need to organize my button collection) (One of these days).

I got a bunch of fun beads, a frame, stickers, notebook (I love notebooks), and craft supplies.

I also got blank note cards with a knitting stamp. YES, you read correctly, a knitting stamp. I don't know how she knew that I was looking into getting one... but now I don't have to anymore! I just love it.

She also made me a knitting pouch and a really neat headband, which is really cool. I'd love to learn how to make them, it even has elastic in it.

And by far, my fave part of this package, of my birthday present is this......

She painted me a knitting painting! OH MY FREAKIN' GOODNESS. WOW!!! I've been a fan of Cynthia's artwork (paintings, etc) for a really long time. I am so honored that she made me this painting's going up in my office (as soon as I can hang it up when Sean's awake. Can't really start hammering while Sean's taking a nap or sleeping).

Thank you thank you thank you thank you Cynthia for the awesome birthday gift! I just love it all! You are so awesome & I'm really glad to have you as a friend.

So it turns out that my mystery yarn that I got in the mail was from my Fave Color Swap 3 Pal. I'm still not sure who she is, as there is a reveal package in the mail on it's way to me (according to the lovely hostess Nicole)! I can't wait for my reveal package to know who my pal was/is!

My mom took me out this evening to run an errand, I needed to pick something up at my cousin's house and then renew my library books, but my sister has my car on her trip, and I have her car, but I can't get in & out of her car. The seat is too low to the ground. Well, actually the entire car is low to the ground. So, her car is pretty much just going to sit in my driveway until she picks it up on Monday. It's also a 2 door car, and I can't get Sean in & out of his car seat in the back. Not at 9 months pregnant. So my mom took me tonight to run 2 errands while Sean was at home with Jamie. When you take out library books during the summer you get to keep them for 6 weeks now instead of just 3 weeks, so I won't have to worry about going into labor if I go to my due date and not getting my books back on time. Jamie's car is also uncomfortable to drive, though I did try to take it tonight. It was just easier for my mom to take me to do what I had to do. She's also picking up Sean & I tomorrow morning, and taking us on some more errands on my to-do list.

I'm behind on my emails & blog reading.... getting there slowly. Slowly but surely. Tomorrow night Jamie has baseball, so I'll hang out with Sean, watch some Caillou with him, knit & catch up on my emails/blog reading! I just learned (by googling Caillou and seeing cast members for voices) that Vanessa Lengies, whom I chaperoned on her high school Europe trip in 2002 (I chaperoned my sister's high school graduation trip), did voices in 3 Caillou episodes, which is really cool. She was Roxanne on American Dreams, and she was also in Stick It. Very sweet girl.

Alright, I'm going to go read the book I'm currently reading, and get some sleep (which has been super hard lately, and I can only sleep with a body pillow).

ps - don't forget that today is my 1 year Ravelry Anniversary, and I'm holding a contest on this post here. So far the guesses that people are submitting are a little low, it is indeed a meat ball MOUNTAIN!! There are meat balls holding up meat balls.....


i'm kelly said...

what beautiful things. i love the stitch markers... that would make me almost want to start knitting!

Nikki said...

What a great birthday package!

Shelby said...

The painting is beautiful! Yay for June birthdays!!

Big Girl Feet said...

you're most welcome and thank you as well for my bday package which was as always amazing!!
Happy Friday & Happy Birthday on Monday!!

Nell said...

Great package! That painting is awesome.

I used to have a chair like that and my kitties LOVED it. It was so full of hair that no one else could sit there. So good idea to put the blanket down.

Kimber said...

My Snoogle body pillow is my best friend right now! I also only sleep in short bursts so I can relate to the sleep issues.

The stitch markers are cool! AND I love the painting - she is very talented.

The Uh-ohs were a fast knit. It took me two days (off and on). The first day I knit them and then I did felt the ring part so that had to dry over night. Then later the next evening I assembled. With the lion brand wool and the 4.5 mm needles AND the felting they still came out much larger than I thought so you might want to down size?

FinaDrea said...

My mom makes those lil crochet dolls. they are called Amigurumi's. She has a bunch on her flickr. << or go here. shes made a few for the boys. caleb loves his.

Big Girl Feet said...

ps the headband pattern is here:

Super easy, I've made a few & left off the ties as well so they're extra easy...!!

Hattie said...

Ooooh that painting is the bomb!

Britainy said...

Happy birthday !! May god bless you.. I really like those birthday gift.

Bea said...

oooo...that birthday package is awesome. I love the painting.

Tara said...

Wow, that painting in indeed totally awesome. And I love your stitch marker photos! Very creative.

Amelah said...

My friend Jackie Linetsky was also in it, she did some voices for Caillou to
I dont know if you remember her or not!

Crazy, love the painting! Really nice!
Thanks again 4 lending me ur car!

g-girl said...

i love the card you made for your nephew! It's so cute. I hadn't heard of a toonie before--so cool! that painting cynthia made you is fantastic!! wow, roxanne was my favorite character on american dreams!