Friday, June 06, 2008

june six :: 75 weeks

Sean is 75 weeks old today.

Murphy's law. Two days after I get my dish chair, Walmart gets Mushroom Chairs, or so it's called. Looks like a dish chair, right? My sister picked it up this morning when there for something else. However, it's half the size of my dish chair, and only came in dark or light blue. Even though I probably would have settled for this chair (had I not ordered the one from Target), I'm so happy with my new black chair! I do not think that I'll be keeping this blue one. The cushion is not even the same!

Some updates from my garden! The stringless beans are getting tall. I need to look up to see how big these get and when to pick them. I'm not sure what the maturity on these are.

The lincoln peas also are doing well. I need to also check the maturity on that. This is all new to me.
And the radish! The maturity on radish is 24-28 days. 24 day is this Tuesday, June 10th. 28 days is Saturday, June 14th. So they'll be ready VERY soon! But how do I know if they'll be ready on the 24th day for picking? I'm not sure what to look for to pick them. I have a feeling though, that I'll be giving away a LOT of radish. Yes, we eat radish, but not as much as we've planted, and they'll be ripe next week. The week after next, I'll only plant one row (after we've picked all the ready ones) and then a week or so later I'll plant another row, so that they'll mature all NOT at the same time, to have a constant crop. Sounds like a new plan.

My rose bush is looking great. Flowers are starting to blossom slowly. It's looking great! Thanks Sarah for the information on the roses!

This morning I woke up in a panic at 10:30 am. YES you read that correctly, 10:30 am. (Or maybe it was a few minutes past...) The phone had rang, and I didn't get to it in time, but I couldn't believe the time. Sean, had fallen asleep on me last night at around 10pm. Jamie got home from baseball really late, almost midnight, and that's when Jamie took Sean out of my lap and put him in his crib. HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT IN HIS CRIB...... and hadn't gotten up yet. I seriously thought something was wrong. I went to the bathroom quickly first, as I was dying to - oddly being THIS pregnant I didn't wake up once during the night, which is rare.... and then ran into Sean's room. He was sitting up in his crib, stretching, as he just got up. The phone must have woken him up. I could not believe he slept over TWELVE hours! It's been MONTHS since the last time he slept that long. WOW! I'm hoping this teething business is over for a while, I'm enjoying uninterrupted sleep without a 17 month old in my bed. I will not be letting Mackenzie sleep in our bed when he's born. I will not make that same mistake. There won't be room for two kids in our bed! There's barely room for 1 child with us! Our Queen size bed is only big enough for Jamie & I.

I had lunch at my parents house, and then left Sean there with my mom. She watched him for the afternoon so that I could get some work done. I got some stuff accomplished, but not as much as I thought I would.

This evening Jamie & I ordered pizza for dinner from a new (to us) place we wanted to try. I built my own pizza, which was on whole wheat thin crust (those are options too!) I had broccoli, onion & grilled zucchini on my pizza, it was SO good! It's not a place I'd order from on a regular basis as they are a little pricey, but definitely delicious for a once in a while treat.

This evening Jamie & I started watching the movie Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell. Jamie was starting to fall asleep, so we turned off the movie and we'll continue tomorrow. So far, so good, but I'll let you know how it is in the end once we finish.

I did manage to finish square number 56 on Sean's blankie. I also cast on square number 57, but not much got knit on it. Tomorrow. Yes, I want to knit tomorrow.

Tomorrow Jamie & I have some errands to run, and I hope to do a lot of walking. Jamie said that we can walk around the mall and I could pick out a little something for my birthday. Walking helps bring on labor. I'm ready for Mackenzie anytime now.... (besides needing to re-pack my hospital bag and doing a few organizational things in his room, etc.... but that stuff is not the end of the world). I'm 36 weeks on Monday, and Sean was born exactly at 38 weeks. I'm hoping that Mack comes soon,(a few friends have said their 2nd child has come earlier than their first) there are a couple of things I miss. Like:

I miss.... sleeping on my stomach.
I miss.... some flexibility. (Putting on socks, shoes, etc....)

I'm working on my SP12 matches, which will be going out on Sunday evening. I've emailed a welcome letter to my group, and I am very excited for this round!

Just a reminder that the July Sock Club kits are up for sale in the shop. And the 5$, 10$, 15$, 20$ sock yarn sale is still going on until Mackenzie is born, so take advantage of it now! The day I get home from the hospital, the sale ends! Yarn on sale is: Cascade Sassy Stripes, Cascade Fixation, Regia, OnLine, Noro Kureyeon Sock, Colinette Jitterbug, and Dream in Color Smooshy!

I'm craving some Lucky Charms, which has been my all-time pregnancy craving this time around. (Last time it was cheeseburgers and hot dogs with just ketchup and onions - though I still like those too!) I'm going to go have a bowl and then hop into bed with my book that I'm reading.


Hattie said...

Hmmm my second child was 2 days late, where my first was 2 days early. ;) Maybe you will be lucky?

I used to love our old papasan chair we had. Like your donut chair, but bigger. I used to pretend it was a nest when I was a kid!

Oh and both my kids slept in my bed for the first 3 months, after that they were happy in their cribs. I used to freak out everytime they slept through the night thinking there was something wrong!

Casey said...

I love your black dish chair! I was going to check Wal-Mart today to see if they had one (no Target here) but I changed my mind, that one doesn't look as comfy.
Teething babies are no fun :( I'm counting down with mine lol. she's got 7 teeth to go, I hope they come in fast and those molars aren't killer.

Lucifur79 said...

Hi it's Lena,

I love the picture of your rose! That black chair looks so comfy. The blue one not so much. I may have to hit Target the next time I'm down at my parent's place. How are your cucumbers doing? Did you ever figure out what was wrong with them?

Nell said...

Yum.... Lucky Charms!

Tara said...

Re radishes: I'd just pick one on day 24 and see if it's ready to eat. I mean, you've got a boatload, right?

g-girl said...

Your black dish chair looks comfier than the walmart one. I'm kinda wanting one for myself now. lol. nowhere to put one though! congrats on sean sleeping through the night. hopefully this will be the first of many nights to come. :) (maybe not all @ once though..)