Wednesday, June 25, 2008

june twenty-five :: Six Years & Mack's Bris

Today was Mack's Brit Milah. It's done on the 8th day of a Jewish boy's life.

Brit Milah is considered the sign of a new-born child's entry into the Jewish tradition. It is considered much more than a simple medical procedure. The procedure is extremely quick, and relatively painless. (Apparently!) Mack had a topical anaesthetic cream (EMLA®) which numbed the area. Mack was also "named" today, and his hebrew name is Matan Arieh. Matan is for the "M" in my late great-grandfather Moe's name, and Arieh means lion. We just liked the two together, and that's how we chose his hebrew name. Sean's hebrew name is Chaim Dov (Chaim was my late grandfather's hebrew name and Dov means Bear, so we stuck with the animal theme for the middle name for Mack!)

MATAN מתן : Means "gift" in Hebrew. ARIEH אריה : Means "lion" in Hebrew.

You can read more on Brit Milah here. (In case you are curious).

So, today, a very overwhelming day, my son was circumcised. Lots of family & friends were there, and it was nice, but tiring.

Jamie handing off Mackenzie to the Mohel (Rabbi) who did the circumcision. Jamie's dad sat in the big chair (not sure the symbolism on that) and held Mack during the procedure.

Jamie is a proud dad! Though, we couldn't really watch the circumcision being done, I stood to the side and hid behind my dad. Mack didn't cry at all, he handled it like a champ! Just like his older brother did almost 18 months ago. I guess the Emla cream really does work!

This is my new fave pic. I just love it. I still can't believe we're now a family of FOUR! 4! Quatre! How'd that come so fast, I'm not so sure. Seems like we just got married yesterday, let alone had 2 kids.

Me & Mack

Myself, my sister Amy & Mack

Myself, my best friend Angela & Mack. Go on over to Angela's blog and leave her a comment and tell her to blog. She needs a good butt whooping in that department.... (hint, hint, Ang!)

Mack all ready to go home after the overwhelming afternoon!

Sean opening up some gifts that he got today as well for being a big brother!

Mack taking a snooze...! What a life!

This morning my sister straightened my hair for me. I love my hair straight. It makes me feel like a completely different person when my hair is straightened. I love it! Thank you sis!

Late afternoon after running some errands (small ones) on the way home from Mack's Bris (thank you again Sis for being my chauffeur today - I cannot drive yet, so I have to rely on other people for lifts right now, even if it's in my own car!), some of my family came over and we opened up gifts that Mack got at his Bris today. The kid got spoiled, let me tell you! And apparently there are more gifts coming and on their way...! Lucky Mack!

This evening Jamie cooked me dinner, after all today is our 6 year anniversary! We officially started dating on June 25th, 2002. (Our wedding anniversary is in September). We cracked open a bottle of white wine, (a really nice one that I enjoyed) and it was a great dinner. We toasted and had a nice dinner (with both boys by our side!) Sean ate dinner with us, and Mack snoozed in his swing. I can't complain!

This evening we chilled in the den and watched TV. Mack's been out of it all afternoon/evening, probably because of what went on today. I gave him some tempra just before, hopefully he's not feeling too much pain anymore. I worked on preparing the July Sock Club kit, and as well as some orders. I also got some laundry and tidying taken care of as well! I've got to try and stay on top of things!

Tomorrow Angela is coming by to hang out with me, I have my cleaning lady coming as well in the morning (yey - my house is getting cleaned tomorrow!) and the Baby Welcome Wagon is coming to my house with a Baby Gift basket - how sweet of them! I'm curious to what's in the gift basket! I'll let you know tomorrow! Tomorrow night Sean's sleeping at my parents house so that Jamie can go to a business golf game on Friday morning with a supplier from work (and I dont have to worry about being alone with Sean - as I can't lift him) and I'm going tomorrow night with my sister, knitting with the West Island Knits group. Very excited to get out of the house with just Mack!

Jamie has to get some tests done at the hospital due to some family history with his mom's colon issues and his uncle as well, and he has to go for a colonoscopy. I know you don't usually have to go for one of these until you're much older, but due to his mom & uncle getting sick, it was recommended by our family doctor that he goes. Anyhow, I called today and finally got through and what do you know, there is a waiting list. FOR APRIL OF 2009!!!!!! Can you believe it? Anyhow, my dad has a connection with the doctor that the referral is for, so I'm going to see if my dad could hook Jamie up. If there is a problem, we'd like to catch it sooner rather than later. I just can't believe it's almost a 1 year wait!!! Isn't that insane?

Robyn's Nest has the Boye Knitting Needle Earrings on sale right now! Check it out! Also, the August Sock Club kits are flying off the shelves and I just listed them yesterday!! I had decided to take a break from the sock club, but since they are in such demand, I've decided that since I can get help with them that I will continue with them.

Happy Birthday Shelby!


Jennifer said...

the pic of lil mack snoozing is adorable! love the family pic, have a beautiful fam, girl! ps- happy anniversary...sounds like a lovely evening :)

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

That's a crazy amount of stuff to do in one day! I am really impressed. And a day to celebrate too! Happy Bris and six years!!

Amelah said...

No problemo! It was my pleasure! I got to hang out with my sister & 2 of the greatest nephews in the world! I can not complain there!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Mazel Tov?
What a day, and what great pics - you're looking fab, and I'm really floored by the pic of Sean opening gifts - his little face has changed recently - he looks older :)
Happy anniversary

Bertha said...

I find it so funny when naturally curly or wavy-haired women talk about how much they like getting their hair straightened. I have the straightest hair in the world, and I would KILL for natural curls or waves! The grass is always greener, I guess!

purple-power said...

Mazel Tov!!

Shelby said...

Happy anniversary!! Sounds like you had a great time! And I'm so glad that Mack did so well at the Bris!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Tara said...

Ditto Kate. I would have killed for natural curls growing up. Probably still would.

I'm glad Mack's Bris went well. I look forward to meeting him in person!

Drea said...

awe I love that new pic of you 2. that color looks great on you!

Welcome to the quatro fam group ;-)

Jenn said...

Wow! Congrats on everything. You are such a busy lady. LOL you amaze me because you still can squeeze in your daily blog (I have a hard time getting one in once a week). kudos to you, I look fwd to my read everyday because you're one of the only blogs that I read that post daily. :-)

LD said...

The last post I read it was Father's Day and now Mack is born and you had the Bris. Wow you've been busy!
Belated Congrats!
Both boys are soooo sweet.

Bea said...

Happy Anniversay of meeting!! Chris and I have the smart idea to get married on the same day as we met (convienently a Saturday next year) so that we'll have them both the same day.

Love the photos of Mack. Glad he did so well at the Bris. Congrats to you all. (Am I repeating myself to say he is very cute? As is Sean. You've done really well.)

Shelley said...

Happy dating anniversary! The pics are wonderful, and Mack is so cute!

g-girl said...

happy belated anniversary! that pic of mack sleeping is so cute! i can't believe there is a waiting list of one year to get a colonoscopy done. that's insane!!