Sunday, June 22, 2008

june twenty-two :: Sean 77 weeks 2 days

Yes, there was knitting in the hospital! I actually got some knitting done here & there! Michelle who is in Montreal Knits came to visit me as she was on call in the ER on both Wednesday night & Thursday nights, so I actually got to see her a few times! It was really nice to see her! We even knit for a bit together before she had to go to work. She was able to stay after visiting hours were over, since she is a hospital employee! (A security guard would actually check our room about half an hour after visiting hours were over! On Friday night I actually hid my sister in my room when the guard checked! LOL) You were allowed to have your significant other, but that's about it. I have a picture of me knitting with Sean in the hospital, so I had to take one of me & Mack!

On Friday night after my sister left I typed up Mack's birth story and watched the movie Made of Honor, which I thought was really cute. (She stayed longer than visiting hours so that she could straighten my hair - it felt sooo good to get my hair done!)

I have some gifts that I got while in the hospital, I will be posting the gifts shortly, I have some stuff I want to show!

Now that we're home we're trying to get into a routine of some sort, I cannot wait to get back into my groove. The laundry needs to get done, and now there is an extra person to do laundry for! And I thought before Mack arrived that the laundry never ended... now it's just never ever ending! LOL

My garden is OUT OF CONTROL! I was away from it for 5 and a half days (in the hospital from Monday night until Saturday late morning). Look at the lettuce behind Sean!!! I will give an update of my garden shortly.

Sean is adjusting to Mack being home. Every day is only getting easier. Thank goodness. Though, I still see that Sean is mad jealous. It will take time, and it's breaking my heart, especially since I cannot lift anything heavier than Mack for 6 weeks until my 6 week check-up with my OB on August 5th. Actually, that's 7 weeks and a bit since I'd given birth I think, so if I'm feeling okay the week before, I will start lifting him again, etc.... he misses me carrying him around, etc. And it will be hard on me since I cannot lift him into or out of his high chair and I cannot lift him up or off his changing table nor his crib.... it's going to be an interesting 6 weeks.

Mack loves to make faces. Here's one that I absolutely LOVE! Just had to share his puckered little face!

I love my boys. They rock! I can't believe I have TWO boys now... seriously... two kids! I am a mother of TWO! 2! Deux! How'd that happen? (Well, I know how that happens, I just mean.... I can't believe that is has!)

Here is a close-up of Sean & his brother. I hope they will become best friends. I know that now it's tough on Sean and he's not really sure what is going on or why there is a little baby in the house, that is eating up his mother's attention.... but he'll adjust, I just know it.

Since I was in the hospital, I didn't get to Sean's 77 week photo, so here is Sean at 77 weeks & 2 days old. This week we'll get back on track. Though, the mirror shots will be on hold until I can lift him again, so we'll probably do some other sort of self-portrait until! I will keep them up though, I promise!

We finally are home & settled in, and we sat down for a family portrait! I just love my family!

And Sean looks like he might just love his brother after all! He loves to give him kisses & "make nice" to his brother. (We're trying to teach Sean not to hit and to "make nice"...., though he doesn't realize just yet that hitting hurts).

This evening we had my family over for dinner, and it was nice to have family around. We had some visitors in the afternoon, and everyone is so excited to meet Mack. I love knowing that a new baby brings family & friends together. It's great!


Nell said...

What a gorgeous family! Congratulations!!!

Sean will adjust. He just loves his mom and doesn't understand the new little person who needs her just a teeny bit more at the moment.

Shelby said...

Picture perfect!! You are such a beautiful family!

And Sean will definitely adjust, just don't be surprised if it takes a long time. My daughter still has her days when she's really jealous and clingy, and her brother is already 4 months old! Thankfully the baby should sleep a lot, (I hope!), giving you a little time to spend some quality time with Sean.

Take it easy, rest a lot, and be sure to take whatever meds they gave you for pain. Ibuprofin really does work wonders, after the first week or so. And don't be surprised if the discomfort lingers a bit too. Even now, 4 months later, if I move the wrong way I feel twinges.

Bertha said...

Oh, what a beautiful family of four you are! Mack is SO SO cute!

Caroline said...

Your family is so perfect, you should be proud!

I know it must be difficult for Sean right now, but I know he'll eventually thank you for giving him a brother so close in age. He'll always have a friend to play with.

Amelah said...

it will take some time but once sean learns the concept i am sure they will be best buddies!

Look at you and I and we are 3 and a half yrs apart!! :)

I know, I love my nephews too!!!!

Turtle said...

I'm sure they are happy ot have you both home and things will get into a good routine after a week or so. Such a nice looking family!!

undeadgoat said...

What cuties! We were just getting pictures together for my graduation party slideshow thing, and the ones of me when my brother was just born are totally the best. For example, I decided to "read" him (I was only 2, I couldn't actually read yet) one of my books about getting a new baby sibling--except that was the book that talked about how babies don't like books!

But now that we are officially Big People we get along and have similar interests and totally are friends. Yay for baby brothers!

Hattie said...

Yeah, it will take a bit for Sean to get used to the baby. Nick was completely uninterested in Alexis for the most part, until she got old enough to play. He was only 18 months when she was born, but now that she's 2 and he's 3 they are great together, though they DO fight just as much as they play lol.

twinsetellen said...

It is always so surprising to see how much bigger the older sibling got in the few short hours you were giving birth, isn't it?

Congratulations, again!

Bea said...

They are so cute together. I hope they are best friends too!

michelle w said...

It was nice to see you too Robyn, and I'm glad that you're settling in well at home. Hope to see you soon!

Kimber said...

Your boys are wonderful! That pucker face is too adorable! I am glad you are getting settled into home (well, the best you can under the circumstances). I hope the transition from one to two is going well too (I guess I'll find out eh?). I can't believe how great your garden looks that lettuce makes me want a salad!

Sean is still young and I am sure that they two boys will get along just fine!

I was at the doc's today and my cervix is ripe and dialated 2cm so there is hope for me too!

Jennifer said...

omgosh the new bebe is ADORABLE, and sean is as cute as ever! u look fab, too, girl - glad u r settling in to ur new routine and feeling ok. yay for new bebes!!

Tara said...

Aw, just LOOK at that little puckered lip. So cute! Almost makes me want to get pregnant again. Not quite, though. LOL!!!

Drea said...

awe I just love all the pics of you 4 together. Hang in there if it gets rough managing the two. its a big change! atleast it was for me...

I love the pic of u blogging in the hospital :-)

Jennifer Lori said...

Bringing the laptop to the hospital is an AMAZING idea! I WISH I'd had movies to watch when Jakob wouldn't sleep last year, and I was up all night breastfeeding.

g-girl said...

ya know, in that family pic it looks like mack resembles jamie a lot! sorry to hear that sean was showing some sides of jealousy. hopefully that'll go away quickly as he gets used to having a little brother. poor guy..he gets a new brother and mommy can't pick him up for a while, it's a lot to get used to!