Monday, June 02, 2008

june two :: 35 weeks pregnant

35 weeks pregnant. I'm officially in the home stretch. 35 days to go. I've been pregnant for 245 days. I'm tired. I'm uncomfortable. I'm swollen. I'm soooo done being pregnant. But I love being pregnant. I surely will miss it when I'm not pregnant anymore.

My mom took Sean this afternoon so that I could accomplish things on my To Do list. I'm very happy with the amount of stuff that I did get done, though, I've still got a ton of things to accomplish. I am really happy that the list is getting smaller and smaller though.

We had dinner tonight at my sister's house, but murphy's law.... we were having a BBQ, and of course.... it rained. Actually, not only did it rain, it POURED! I think I ate too much, because now I'm stuffed until tomorrow. I can't believe her boyfriend stood in the rain BBQing for everyone. Thanks Amy & Mark for supper!

I'm looking to get my hands on a copy on this issue of Interweave Knits. It's the Fall 2004. I have borrowed a copy from a friend, but would actually like to own it. Interweave does not have any issues left to purchase as a back issue. I've already checked. I keep checking ebay, etsy as well. Does anyone have a copy they'd like to destash, I'm willing to buy it or swap for something. Please let me know! Or if you could keep your eye open, sometimes LYS' have back issues for sale... maybe your LYS' has one for sale? I'd be forever grateful if I could get my hands on a copy!

My Ravelry Anniversary is coming up on June 12th, and I'm thinking about having a comments contest. I need to figure out a few things, but definitely stay tuned for something!

For some reason, the hair gel that Jamie uses cannot be found anymore. I managed to find one lonely bottle (to tie him over for now) at our local pharmacy. For some reason, when I used to be able to find it EVERYWHERE, it just doesn't exist anymore. He uses Dippity-Do Firm number 6. I can find numbers 7, 8, 9 and 10 at pharmacies, but NOT number 6. (The purple one). If anyone sees any - please let me know! I want to stock up for now! He'll eventually probably have to find something else to replace it... The website for Dippity-Do is Canadian, so I'm not even sure it could be found in the USA. I did check ebay the other day, with no such luck... but I'll keep my eye open. This is not the first time he's had to switch hair gels due to it being discontinued, which is what I'm worried about is the case with this one now.

I'm really enjoying my book, Knocked Up by Rebecca Eckler. Rebecca had emailed me back to tell me that my copy was the first copy ever that Rowan (her daughter, whom the book is about) has signed. It's a very special signature! How adorable!

There has been no knitting done today, but that's okay, after the crazy knitting I did over the weekend. I'm planning on finishing Sean's Cabled Pullover next... I've already pulled it out and it's ready to go. However, I cannot knit it at a SNB or whatnot... as I have to concentrate on the pattern and it's not suitable to knit & have conversation at the same time (unfortunately). So my SNB knitting will have to be Sean's blankie - which also need to get done!

Alright, I'm glued to the Pittsburgh vs. Detroit Game. Going to go watch it, and then hit the sack with my book. We have a full day tomorrow of classes & errands to run, but I'm hoping that they do not take us all day, as I have some stuff around the house to take care of.

I'm not sure what to do. Only 1 out of every 10 (if I'm lucky) of my comments are getting emailed to me. Though, because I have comment moderation on, I see my comments when I log into blogger. Well, I'm hoping that I see all of them. Maybe not all of them are getting posted? I'm getting very frustrated with this. I'm not sure if it's a hotmail issue or a blogger issue, or what? And I can't even figure out how to email blogger, when I go to the help page, it keeps linking me to a help group. Does anyone have an email address for blogger?? Or know where I can contact blogger? I certainly am not getting anywhere?!


Mathgirl said...

We made it to a sports bar just in time for the over time. Apparently we got almost a full game out of it :) Did you actually make it up all the way to the end? I can't believe Pittsburgh pulled it off...

Casey said...

you're so close to the end! I always miss being pregnant after too, I hate that feeling. as for the Dippity-Do, do you have a liquidation world there? they usually carry everything that's been discontinued

Bea said...

I think it might be hotmail because I don't know anyone else that is having this issue.

I imagine that its nice to be nearing the end of your pregnancy even if you like being pregnant. Aren't you ready to meet Mack anyway?

You have been in Ravelry 9 more days then me. I realized when you said yours that mine was coming up too!

Dawn said...

I found that issue of interweave in the back of my closet. It's not perfect but email me if you want me to send it to you. I remember the crazy nesting instincts with my second son. I don't think I've been that productive since then :)

Amelah said...

Ur welcome for dinner! It was our pleasure!!

Nell said...

UGH! Blogger can be so annoying! I hope you get someone to help you. Although, I don't know who to email either. So, not much help there!

I know you're probably sick of being pregnant, but you look great!!!

Tara said...

I know exactly how you feel about pregnancy. I loved it too, but at the end, I was SO DONE!!!

g-girl said...

that's so cool that your book is the first that was autographed by Rowan. :) good luck finding dippity do for jamie!

Jenny said...

You look fantastic, swollen and all!