Monday, June 23, 2008

june twenty-three

This morning the CLSC came to visit, which they do after you give birth, no matter if it's baby number 1 or 2 or 5. The nice lady weighed Mack, he's not up at 6 lbs 1 oz, almost back at his birth weight. She went over a few things that the CLSC have to offer, including a breastfeeding group, etc, and she asked me a million questions. She made sure Mack was latching properly and checked out a sore that I had on one side. She said if it doesn't heal by Thursday to come into the CLSC in the morning during the clinic (for breastfeeding) and have the nurse look at it, they'd give me a cream for it.

Speaking of breastfeeding - HOLY COW!!! What a difference from a year and a half ago! I was unable to breastfeed Sean. He just wouldn't latch. He wasn't eating properly and lost a lot of weight. Mack is latching, and eating and we're doing good with the breastfeeding business! As long as by next Monday when Mack at his first doctor's appointment he's still gaining weight, then I'll be happy. The nurse calculated a 60 gram weight gain per day since he's been home from the hospital, and the average weight gain is 50 grams per day.

This morning I also got a chance to clean up the desk in my office - phew! I couldn't find anything on there, and it was driving me insane. At least now I can see the wood of my desk again! My mother & sister were over this morning to watch Sean while I got some stuff done in my office and organized.

In the afternoon we ran to Walmart & to do some errands. I needed some supplies at Walmart for Mack's circumcision ceremony which is this week. The Rabbi (Mohel) doing it gave me a list of supplies to pick up. I also wanted to see if I could find Mack a preemie size outfit to wear, but everything was 3 month size and bigger. I realized afterwards I had an outfit at home he could wear, so I am set. Now, just for what I'll wear to this ceremony. I have no idea. And I feel like I have nothing to wear anymore. Isn't that always the case?? At Walmart I picked up 2 breastfeeding shields/covers for breastfeeding in public. I have to take them out of the box and see which one I like better, as I don't need to keep both. I got this one, and another one by another company, it's upstairs, I'll let you know when I decide which one I am keeping.The other one is in blue.

I've gotten some mail lately & some gifts too, so I want to share them with you:

My secret pal sent me some lovely stitch markers in my birthstone. How lovely are they!?! Thank you SP! You made my day. I got them while in the hospital - they were brought to me.

My sister-in-law sent me some flowers for my birthday once I got to my own room in the hospital, and also she sent me a basket of goodies for Mack. Spoiled kid!

Michelle got me this awesome knitting piggy bank and it just rocks! Thank you Michelle - you didn't have to! Even though I know how to knit (knitting lessons) the jar is still neat!

Not sure if my husband's mother knows I like elephants, but she picked up this lovely elephant set. I got a towel, a wash cloth & a doodou for Mack. The heart on the front plays music. It's super cute.

Angela came bearing gifts too. I got this loot above for my birthday. All things cherries, a gift certificate to Chapters and some awesome Haribo Raspberries (which I just ordered in bulk off They are a German candy, which I have had before while in Europe) and I didn't realize you cab buy them here.

I also received from Angela this awesome Trellis sweater & Hat set for Mack. I can't wait until he fits into it! Thank you Angela!

Here is the cherry bag I ordered from Bea's Etsy Store. I just love love love love it! I love cherries, and the bag just rocks. This is how much I love cherries.

Here (above & below) are my two boys during our errands today! Such good boys they both were! It was Mack's first time out of the house !

Some garden updates!

Look at those tomato plants!

And my zucchini plant!

The new cucumbers we planted are turning out nicely - thank godness!

And the lettuce! Oh my! (We've actually started eating the lettuce!)

Robyn's Nest has 3 July Sock Club kits in stock, left for purchase. I've also re-stocked the Clear Ball Stitch Markers that were out of stock.

I was supposed to announce the winner of the Meatball 1 Year Ravelry Anniversary Contest on Monday night, however, I wasn't able to since my water broke. There were 115 meatballs on the plate, my mother-in-law counted them as she put them into the sauce for me (it was hard for me to stand on my feet very long the week before last) so I rolled them all and she put them into the pot of sauce for me. The only person to get the guess correctly is Shelley! Shelley, I will be emailing you about your prize!

This evening I just chilled with Jamie and my boys, ahhhh, it'll be nice once we get into a routine.
Anyhow, I'm dozing off here on the couch, and I want to get some sleep before Mack wants to eat again. (About every 3 hours during the night).


Jennifer said...

wow - your garden looks amazing!!

Tara said...

Nice loot! Such a great idea to have stitch markers in your birthstone too! (wish I'd though of that for MY Secret Pal!). And your garden looks great! My lettuce is coming along nicely, but is nowhere near the size of yours!

Kimber said...

What lovely gifts! The Trellis set is gorgeous!

Your garden is wonderful, if you have too many veggies you can always send some out west! :)

Jenn said...

You guys are all too cute!!! I absolutely LOVE the Trellis outfit. I bookmarked the pattern because I must make one.

Jennifer Lori said...

I because my gifts were for you and not Sean or Mack, they don't count? ;]

twinsetellen said...

Holy cow - how are you getting so much done so soon out of the hospital? Be sure not to wear yourself out - it can slow up the milk output, not to mention just not being good for you.

The boys are looking super.

g-girl said...

wow, check out your garden!! love the stitch markers your sp made for you. they're pretty!

Secretly Spun said...

I'm glad you liked them, It was good to get to use up some of the bead stash and the pearls were lovely to work with. The pictures of Mack (and Sean) are looking great and I'm glad you're settling in back at home. Congratulations on such a great family!!!

Jenny said...

that garden is out of control!! I have to do a garden next year--we have the space, I just need the time.

As for the BF wrap, just a personal perference, but I never liked any of the covers out there. Mostly I just used nursing tops and a handknit blanket I received. The knit blanket had a loose weave so it allowed lots of air. Most of the covers get really hot and stifling in the summer.

Good luck with BFing and I am so happy that it is working out for you so well. We are still BFing 2x a day at 14 months--I can't believe I made it this long!