Tuesday, June 03, 2008

june three

This morning Sean & I both slept in. So we missed his last Tuesday class at the Y. We both just couldn't get up! He's just like his mommy! Loves to sleep in. Though, I do have to admit, I'm a LOT better than I used to be (as a morning person), BUT not at almost 9 months pregnant, where Mackenzie is sucking out my energy as well as Sean's busy little self.

I was however shocked when the postal truck drove right past my house this morning (when it rains our mail man drives the truck to each house to deliver the mail).... and this morning he drove right passed us, waving hello. This was shocking. Never a day goes by when it's not a holiday that I (or Jamie) doesn't get mail! I heart getting mail!

This afternoon we took my sister to the doctor to get a shot (she gets it in a spot that it hurts to sit on afterwards, so I took her for it) and then we went back to my dad's company to bring my sister back to work, and do a few things there. I needed to use the computer there for something, so Sean got to sit at his Aunt's desk - and TOUCH everything! LOL. He looks like such a big boy at her desk!

This afternoon I ran a bunch of errands, and came home to my server for Robyn's Nest still down, but only down on my computer and only on my end. I was able to access it from anywhere else! My outlook express wasn't downloading my emails (giving me an error) and also I couldn't get onto my website, etc. We discovered, after about an hour of being frustrated, that it was my router. If I plug my computer directly into my modem, everything works. So now, we've got to get a new router tomorrow (not that it's an issue), and hopefully everything will be okay. We've got a network at home for my office computer, my laptop and Jamie's office computer. So we definitely need to get this sorted out and working. It had been 24 hours that I couldn't get into my system and I was getting worried. Computers! I swear. Can't live with them, can't live without them!

Sean was bouncing off the walls tonight and I have no idea where he got all this energy from...? I'm just not too sure! Sometimes, at almost 9 months pregnant, he's a little bit of a handful!

I am............ behind on my blog reading.
I am............ behind on some personal emails (I *will* email everyone back).
I am............ trying to organize myself for Mackenzie's arrival.
I am............ going to organize my office once and for all! (And hopefully keep it clean!)
I am............ excited for my birthday in 13 days! (June 16th).
I am............ excited for SP12 (Hostessing again too!), Summer of Yarn Love and Fave Things Swaps that I'm doing.
I am............ definitely waddling and not walking anymore... :(
I am............ very tired so I'm going to go to bed.

ps - I know 2 wonderful ladies named Dawn. One Dawn left me a comment on my blog yesterday regarding the Fall 2004 Interweave Knits. I WANT IT! I emailed both Dawn's that I know, because I don't know which one left the comment, blogger is not letting me see a profile??? And since blogger is not emailing me my comments, I cannot see if there was/is an email attached to that account. So..... if it was you - I emailed you - please email me back! I want it! Just let me know what you want in return!


p3knitter said...

Oy - I didn't realize you were almost 9 months. I blame it on the pain pills (I hurt my back - urg - getting better though.)

I should be getting everyone's matches out for the Summer of Yarn swap today and tomorrow.

Hattie said...

Yeah my router won't let me ftp anything, so I can't update unless I disconnect it and plug in to the modem directly...ugh.

twinsetellen said...

Get all the sleep you can for now!

Oh, and I've tagged you - check http://twinset.us Play if you have time!

i'm kelly said...

thanks for spreading the swap love! and get lots and lots of sleep while you can!

Robin said...

I saw the pics of you and Sean over at the Harlot's blog - cute!

Andrea said...

Saw you on the Harlot's blog, did you have a good time? She was only in Winnipeg once and I missed her :(

Firefly said...

You totally scored, YH linked you!
Morga(I'll take what i can get)

twinsetellen said...

What fun to see you on the YH blog and to see the link to a younger Sean!

g-girl said...

you poor dear. I'm behind on everything too but you've got much more on your plate than I do! hang in there. :)

Tara said...

Um, except for the sippy cup, Sean does indeed look like a grownup! And I had a thought regarding your comment issues. Perhaps the fault is Hotmail's? I get my comments forwarded to my Yahoo account, and they recently went from my Inbox to my suspected Spam box (but I can still see them). Maybe Hotmail thinks emails from Blogger are spam?