Wednesday, June 04, 2008

june four

Warning long post ahead. It's a good post, so you should stick around and read it! xoxo

This morning we got up early (after I did not get a good night's sleep unfortunately), and went to pick up Jenna & Angela who were joining us for a road trip to Kingston, Ontario to go see the Yarn Harlot.

Sean was really excited to have two guests in the back seat with him, where he is usually alone. I was able to put his car seat in the middle, so that Angela & Jenna wouldn't be squished next to one another. Though, it really takes up room that car seat of his! Amy met us back at my place after we picked up Angela & Jenna and we headed on the road for our day trip.

There was knitting in the car. I drove the first hour and a half, and then my sister took over. We were the only 2 in the car who drive stick, even though everyone in the car has a valid drivers license. I worked on Sean's Blankie, as I needed mindless easy car knitting (as well as mindless knitting for the Harlot event!)

Of course, Sean fell asleep in the car like 10 minutes before we got into Kingston. Go figure. 3 hours in the car, he falls asleep JUST before the exit.

Our first stop was Shopper's Drug Mart (Pharmaprix for you Québecers!) in Kingston. I needed to mail something and the Shopper's had a built in post office. I also wanted to look to see if they had any Dippity-Do number 6. They didn't. They had number 7 though. So, I picked up some, (which was hard to find here in my area as well, though I have seen it, however, I can't remember where), so Jamie will be trying number 7 after he finishes his last number 6 bottle).

Next stop was Michaels, just up the street. At first, Jenna couldn't understand what was "so" special about me wanting to go to Michaels. She thought there was something grand & special about it. Nope. There isn't. But, there isn't a single Michaels in the entire province of Québec. So that's why I wanted to go to Michaels. I didn't find what I was looking for at Michaels which was Lion Brand's new sock yarn Sock-Ease. I was curious to check it out. I knew that Michaels sells Lion Brand, so I just assumed that they'd have it. (Maybe it's just at Michaels in the USA?) I'm interested in Cotton Candy (240-205), or Red Hots (240-203) or Taffy (240-202). I'm not really sure how the other colors knit up, but I think I've found a source online in Canada to buy some (with free shipping!) so I'm going to check it out! Does anyone know anything about this yarn? Or have any?? It's got no acrylic at all in it, that's why I'm curious to check it out.

Anyhow, I did find other stuff at Michaels. Of course, I cannot walk out of there empty handed. Just can't happen.... right?

Then, we decided to check out Wool-Tyme, a local Kingston Yarn shop. I wonder if it's the only Kingston Yarn Shop? Wool-Tyme was up the street from the Michaels, actually directly across the street. Not hard to find!

Sean, who has to touch everything, had to go on this sheep rocker. Isn't he cute on it??

I was a lucky girl today, and my sister bought me some yarn for my birthday. First up (above) I got me some Malabrigo Lace, in colorway 39 Molly. I've got 470 yards of gorgeous pink! (Did you see the notice on Malabrigo's website? Their mill caught on fire on May 29th, 2008 and burned down! I hope everything is okay and no one got hurt.

I also got some Cadenza by Estelle. It's a Teal color, number 951. It's 80% Superwash Merino, 20% Tussah Silk. Oooh... Ahhhh....!

Thank you Amy! You rock!

Next stop was Chapters, where the Yarn Harlot event was about an hour and a half from starting.

Thank goodness the seating was near the Children's section. In the children's section, is where we kept Sean entertained for most of the Harlot's talk. He was fascinated by this Thomas & Friends train set. Yes, you see the price correctly on the website. $499.99. OUCH. And that's just for the train set. If you want the wooden table stand it goes on, you need to purchase it separately here. Yes, for ANOTHER $209.95. It's quite the expensive toy. Thank goodness if we ever decide to get a set for Sean & Mackenzie, that Jamie used to work in educational toys and has connections. A 709$ set is quite pricey!

Stephanie eventually came out and did her talk. As the past two times I've seen her, she started out with her sock pictures...

I got the side view since I was on the first shift of chasing Sean around the children's section.

But Stephanie saw us there, and had to get Sean & I into the sock audience shot too! (I love the color yarn she's knitting up!)

She spoke. If you've seen her before, she's really funny. This is me listening from the side view.

And then half way through my feet were getting really sore and my back started killing me, so my sister took over and ran around chasing Sean in the children's section and I got to knit a few rows on Sean's blankie while listening to Stephanie.

We got to "pre-board" like on an airplane and shift to the front of the book-signing line because a) I'm very pregnant and b) we had Sean with us. Both Sean & I were getting hungry, so it was a good thing that we got to skip ahead of the line. I got to hold Stephanie's sock. (I actually like this picture of me!)

And I got a picture taken with my sister & Stephanie as well. I should have told Stephanie that I taught my sister to knit only in January/February and she's already knit 8 projects including socks! Stephanie would be proud of me converting her!

Stephanie got a picture of Angela & I whom brought her Squeeky Cheese & Montreal bagels. (I am so proud of myself for NOT eating any of the bagels I brought down to Kingston for Marga & Stephanie, they smelled SOOOO good since I got them fresh before leaving this morning)!

And she also got a picture of Sean. The first time I met Stephanie in Montreal, I was 8 months pregnant with Sean. I was actually exactly 32 weeks pregnant (exactly 8 months!) The second time I saw Stephanie, at Webs in Northampton, MA, Sean was 5 months old. (Here's her picture of Sean at 5 months old). Stephanie made a joke about coming to my neck of the woods as each time she sees me, I'm pregnant or just had a kid... She said something to the effect that I'll end up with 9 kids if she keeps coming back. No way! First off there is no way Jamie will let me have that many kids... we're not even sure if we'll ever try for a girl (up for discussion only when Mackenzie is about 2.5-3 years old). No way I'm ever going to do this 18 month apart business ever again. It's waaaay too hard! I'm waaaay too zonked/pooped/wiped out!

And of course I got my book signed. I've gotten all 4 of her previous books autographed, the first three when she came to Montreal, the 4th book at Webs and now this new book in Kingston. I've also pre-ordered her next book coming out September 1st, 2008 (if her publisher hasn't lied to her about that release date too), so I'll have to find a nearby book signing once that book comes out to get it signed too.

We went right next door to Smitty's for dinner. It's a "family" type restaurant. The food was alright. Not somewhere I'd go back to again, I don't think. The service was just alright, the food was not spectacular and well, frankly, nothing special.

Before we left, we took some photos. Above is Sean, my sister Amy & I.

And Jenna & I, my out of town guest from Winnipeg, Manitoba (who is in my SP12 group this round! More about SP12 to come shortly!)

And Marga, who drove in from Rochester, NY to come see the Harlot. Marga is Canadian, living with her British husband in the USA. Marga was also very nice to bring me my Dish Chair, which I ordered to her house from Target. It's still in my trunk, I'm going to bring it in tomorrow. I'm so excited! Thank you Marga!!

Sean was ready to leave Kingston to go home, BUT wasn't happy to be in the car for another 3 hour drive home. At one point he FREAKED OUT and it took us about 10 minutes to realize (10 minutes of him crying in a screaming manner) that he DOES NOT like The Count von Count. We had to take it off of my car DVD player, and he immediately changed moods and stopped crying when we put Elmo back on. Never would have thought.... I won't be playing "Learning about Numbers" for a while then!

Today in the car I finished Square number 55 (blue/turquoise square on top). It felt good to pick up Sean's blankie project again. I need to get cracking on it, there will be NO WAY it'll be finished before Mackenzie is born.... but I do plan on getting moving on it.

I also cast on square number 56.

Skeins her Way is having her her Summer Knitting Goals contest. I won last year, and I encourage you to participate this year. I'll be sitting this one out, so someone else can win!

Gas in Ontario is TWENTY cents cheaper than in Québec. It was $1.25 a liter in Ontario when it's $1.45 in Montreal when we left home. CRAZY

Whew... that was quite the post. I applaud you if you read it all in it's entirety. And for a 17 month old, Sean was VERY well behaved today. I had a great time, was with great company & did some great things. I got a great birthday gift and I also got to spend it with a great kid.

It was a long day, a long drive, and I know I'm nuts for driving down to Kingston almost 9 months pregnant (I'll be 36 weeks on Monday!) but Stephanie's a mid-wife after all, right?


Hattie said...

Sounds like a busy day! Hope it was fun. :)

Nell said...

You're so totally famous! And Sean is to cute. What a great day. I'm jealous!

p3knitter said...

Well ... maybe it's better that way. I blame liking Count von Count for my Vampire Fetish. LOL

Bea said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast!

Amelah said...

Ur welcome for the birthday gift! Enjoy it xox

I had fun, thanks for including me!!!

Bertha said...

That's so funny that Sean doesn't like the Count! It's June's favorite! Every time she counts, when she gets to 10, she goes "AH AH AH!" like the count. Ha.

Big Girl Feet said...

I did the same thing for SockEase thinking Michaels would have it- nope! I'm curious to see it too.
Smittys- I didn't know they were still around! Blech! LOL!
And looks like you had a great day!

Jenn said...

See, not lurking.... I am commenting!!!

Glad you had a good trip to see the Harlot!

I have some of that Sock Ease in cotton candy. It's ok feeling, not as nice as the higher end sock yarns, but just ok.

I do like the color. If you need me to get any and send it to you, let me know.

Did you get your Kpixie stuff yet from Cath?

Anonymous said...

i am envious of you going to see harlot, and yes there are 2 more wool shops in Kingston, both down town, ruby

Tara said...

Nice b-day yarn! And I'm so jealous of your trip. Good thing I'll be going to Rhinebeck in the Fall! Maybe I'll see Stephanie there (I wonder if she'll be signing her new book?)

Dawn said...

I ordered some sock ease from the lion brand website (rock candy). I love the color and the yarn is very soft. I'm loving it so far I'll just have to see how well they wear.

J.P. said...

It looks like such a fun evening!