Friday, November 10, 2006


Today I did some tidying in the baby's room, and we now have a successful changing table station. Tigger is keeping the changing pad (which has a nice fitted sheet on it) warm, until Sean decides to make an appearance in this world:

Here is proof that 94 baby wash cloths might just be a little too many... but I plan on using these with water to keep Sean clean rather than wasting away wipes... so... they may actually come in handy, so that I don't have to be doing laundry every day! We'll see how it goes.

Something I don't look forward to with having a baby. Click here if you can stomach it. Yes, my friends, that's poop. I was blog surfing, and that's someone's kid - in a swing, and the kid pooped on themselves. Lovely, eh?

Today, after packing, cleaning my car, and doing a million chores.... I met up with my cousin Jennifer and we headed downtown to McGill to listen to and meet the Yarn Harlot!

Here is my shot of the room full of Harlot fans!

Just before Stephanie was introduced, she was standing RIGHT in front of me, so I took this opportunity to snap a shot of her wearing her wedding shawl.

Here is a shot of Stephanie taking her famous sock picture with a room full of Montreal Knitters!

Here is a bad shot (sorry, my hand was WAY TOO close to the flash), of me knitting during the talk.

Here is Stephanie showing off a beaded sock that she is working on for a gift for her sister or sister-in-law, for Xmas.

And here, lovely Stephanie is autographing 1 of her 3 books that I brought with me to have signed. She totally didn't mind signing them all!

And a lovely picture of Stephanie & I!

And here is a picture of Stephanie with Jennifer. Stephanie was totally amazed by Jennifer's bowling sock!

And here is a picture of Jennifer & I, after the event, just before having to run off, since I'm leaving to Beauce any minute now. Jamie said if we're not on the road by 8pm latest, we're not going. I better go pee before he kills me and doesn't allow me to stop to go to the bathroom! LOL.

Stephanie was hysterical - and I was really impressed that she had all of our attention for almost an hour (when we were told that it was only going to be about a half hour talk), I was really happy that we got to listen to her for the amount of time we did. I am now dying to read all three of her books - I just got them, so I haven't had time yet to read them, but I will start one this weekend - that's for sure! I'll probably read them in order. There was a TON of us Montreal Knits there, as well as Knitting Guild Members, and members of the McGill knitting club. Some women brought their husbands and boyfriends or significant others, and some people whom I expected to see there - I didn't. (Anny - I didn't see you!) I was sooo glad that I arranged to go out of town later, so that I could attend meeting the Yarn Harlot herself! What a trip!

Ps- Some Yarn Harlot footage coming shortly. (No time to upload video before going away for the weekend - Sorry!)

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aj_brainylady said...

That's such a nice picture of you and Stephanie.