Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nothing Day

Last night I put together this cute thing, printed it and framed it for Jamie. If you click on it, it'll open larger. It's just something really cute! Sean a 2032 goalie for the MTL Canadiens! LOL.

Today was a real nothing day. I slept in until 1:45 pm when I was awoken by Zeus nudging himself against me. I love this cat to pieces, but he likes attention at all the wrong times!

Today I watched some TV with Jamie (we caught up on this past weeks epidoes of Heroes & Lost - and shortly we'll crawl into bed with Survivor from Thursday night).

I also got very frustrated today with my Woven Trellis Scarf. I thought I had done 90 inches on tube #1, but when I went to go measure tube number 2 (which is almost at 75 inches), I realized that tube number 1 was only 75 inches long itself. I don't know who taught me how to do math, but I'm very angry with myself, for counting wrong..... I'm blaming it on pregnancy brain, really. For a while this afternoon, even though I was in the mood to knit, I was too angry at myself because of my mistake, that I didn't.

So, instead, I worked on uploading all my photos that have been sitting here waiting for November so that I could upload them to FLICKR. (I have a limit of like 20 GB (yeah, I know it's a lot) of bandwith I could upload per month, (I'm a pro member), and last month with my honeymoon photos, I reached my limit. So all my October photos sat waiting to be uploaded. It's now only the 4th of November, and I've uploaded 25% of my monthly "allowance" to FLICKR for this month. (I take a lot of photos, what can I say?) So now, all my baby shower photos, etc... are now on FLICKR.

Today was a really nothing day. Tomorrow I get my hair done at 11 am (YEY! FEEL GOOD TIME!) and then my baby shower with my mother's family at 1pm. (Very excited for that!) So unlike today's nothing day, tomorrow will be a something day!

Today, my hormones got the best of me, and made me upset at something. Probably something I should not have gotten upset with. Basically, my mother called me up today, to let me know that my cousin will be bringing her 2 and half month old to my baby shower tomorrow. Now... I would never bring my baby to someone else's BABY shower. That would be rude. That would be taking away from the focus of my baby. People ooohing and awwwing over her baby.... when the party is for my baby. I called up my cousin who is pregnant and due a few months after me, and asked her what she thought if I hypathetically brought Sean to her baby shower, just because I was breastfeeding (when I have all intentions of breastfeeding, but also pumping as well), and for a few hours, Jamie could take care of Sean, while I get out of the house! Her opinion reassured me that maybe I was overreacting JUST a little, but also that I had the right to be upset. I think it's just my hormones, because I'm not a jealous person, it's just that.... I dono.... I can't even explain it! Am I being irrational?

Anyhow, go on and give congrats to Pea in a Pod! She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy yesterday! Mazel Tov Allison!

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