Sunday, November 12, 2006

My First Cable Attempt!

The duck slippers we got Merlyn as part of his birthday gift this year, were a huge hit. He absolutely LOVES them. And, well, they just look absolutely CUTE on him!

Today, Jamie drove back from Beauce, (which is 45 minutes south east of Quebec City, approx), while I worked on my Woven Trellis in the car. I'm just about done tube #3, and can soon start tube #4... (The scarf that never ends).

Tonight, while watching Survivor & CSI from Thursday night (on tape) I started working on Jamie's Irish Hiking Scarf, which I'm making for him for his birthday.

This is my absolute FIRST attempt at cables. And you know what? I am damn fucking proud of myself! I am using a cable needle for now, (I'm afraid that the 3 stitches that I have to drop and pull to the front for a k3, and then put them back on by knitting the three back on, that they will drop completely and run down if I don't use a cable needle. Maybe one day I will get good at not needing the cable needle, but for now, I do.

For Jamie's scarf, I'm using Rowan All Season Cotton, and I hope that three skeins will be enough. I'm going to do it in black & light grey - I think. I've already started it in the light grey, and I'm going to see what other colors exist, and if I have access to them at any of my LYS, but I'm not sure what kind of pattern I'm going to do within the colors. I do not want to make it a solid color, too boring! LOL. I think it will be fun changing up the colors. Does anyone disagree? Should I not be switching up colors on a cable project??

Tomorrow I'm going first thing in the morning for my diabetes test that I should have done at 24 weeks pregnant, which was forgotten about since I was on my honeymoon. It was forgotten about by both myself and my doctor, so no one is to blame! I think I'm seeing my sister and grandmother for lunch, and then possibly watching a movie in the afternoon with my sister. But, for that, it's all up to my sister. I don't call the shots.

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cynthia said...

oooh nice cables!! :))