Sunday, November 05, 2006

Baby Shower #2

Today was baby shower #2. I had a really good time. I always have a good time "partying" with my mom's family.

Sean got a lot of great gifts today, but best of all, he got a handknit elephant from my cousin Jenn.

Isn't it just gorgeous???
Thank you sooo much Jenn!

This really nice picture of my sister and I was taken:

Desperate Housewives was sick tonight! Did anyone watch it? A little nutty. Somehow I realized that I added a stitch somewhere a numerous of rows back, so I had to pull out numerous inches out of tube #2, but I'd rather correct it now.... so... I lost about 15 inches (which is a lot of knitting) but I'm happier now! (Gotta keep the pregnant lady happy!) Ha ha!
Anyhow, tomorrow I've got a busy day, starting with a very early OBGYN apt, plans to go knitting and a bunch of errands to take care of!
Guess what? I even got a diaper cake! Made by my mother! I'll photograph it's gorgeousness tomorrow, and post it! I really wanted a diaper cake! How'd my mother know!? LOL.
Oh - and having the baby at the baby shower wasn't so bad. I mean, at first it bothered me a little, but after he stopped crying and people stopped oooohing and awwwwing over him, then all was good, and it didn't bother me further.

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Jo said...

Looks like you had a great time at both your baby showers! :)