Friday, November 03, 2006

Sewing "Room" & Lazy Day (As Well As Misc. Things)

Today's post is going to be completely random. Just because it's one of those days.

I took this picture of Jamie in Europe. I love it. I have been labelling my photos in my FLICKR account, (just labelled ALL my Europe photos) and came across this photograph. My Flickr photos are privately uploaded, but viewable to friends & family. If you're not already on my FLICKR contact list, you can leave me a comment with your FLICKR account, and I'll add you as my contact, this way you can view my 4,877 Photos that I currently have online. (Yeah, that's a lot, eh?)

Today I am in love with the colors of this yarn (Above).

Today, I started Season 2 the Lword. In the first episode, Alice is knitting (god knows what though, because she's terrible at it, and she keeps wrapping the yarn all over her hand!)

Jamie started today and finished, putting together a desk for me in the corner of our dinning room (only space left in our house) for my sewing machine. What a great husband I have!

So now, my sewing machine has it's own little nook. I just need to find a chair to go with it!

The other day my mom found this in her house, it actually used to belong to my sister, but she didn't want it - so my mother offered it to me. I have NO IDEA what I'll use it for, but I figured, I may as well take it - otherwise it was going to go into the garbage. It's got to be at least 15 years old, if not more than that. I just had to photograph it and show of mine interesting find!

I was lying in bed this afternoon while my internet was down for about half an hour while Jamie re-wired our modem and router and all that jazz. We had to take it out of the baby's room, and bring it downstairs. So, he had to unplug everything while doing so. So.... I was lying in bed, and I realized, that I can barely seen my feet anymore! Forget about my "privates" I haven't seen it in months, lol, but my feet? They're starting to vanish! Soon enough, I won't be able to see my feet over my belly. Which is a good thing. LOL.

What else has been going on around here? Just been knitting all night, working on the Woven Trellis Scarf. I'm almost done tube #2, and am getting ready shortly (tomorrow probably) to knit tube #3. It's knitting fast, but it's long, because it's 90 inches long, and that's taller than me! It's crazy.

Alright, I'm off to bed. I'm done organizing things for the night, so I'm going to go watch some TV and knit. Tomorrow Jamie & I are hanging out a bit, and then he's playing hockey, and then we'll probably do a movie night. Can't wait just to relax. Sunday is baby shower #2. I can't wait!


knitgirl63 said...

OMG - you are too damn funny. Your belly is so cute! I sort of have that problem too but it's not a pregnancy belly!!!

As you can see I finally got myself in here...but now it's time for cocktail hour with hubby and a campfire. Tomorrow I'll settle in with a cup of coffee (maybe three?) and start perusing your blog.

Later gator!

waltzingmytilda said...

You are a rockstar! No epidural? The next time I stub my toe, I'll think of you to get me through it.

knitgirl63 said...

Ohhh...must know what yarn that is, please. I have a sweater set with similar colors and that would be so fun done in socks!