Monday, November 27, 2006

Hospitals Suck

In Montreal news, apparently it's supposed to be 13C or 14C degrees on Wendesday and Thursday and I know people with TEE OFF times! Oh, if only I wasnt almost 9 months pregnant, I'd book a golf day on Wednesdy or Thursday for sure!!

Friday I got a call from my OBGYN's nurse that my glucose test came back with my sugar levels through the roof. So, today at my regular check up - I got a paper to go back to the hospital, which I went to right after (hospital is up the street from the doctor, which is a 10 min walk from my house) and since I fasted last night from 10pm on (I was told midnight latest), I re-did the glucose test. This time though, instead of just a blood test, drink a liquid and another blood test an hour later, I had to do a blood test, drink the same liquid (but different dosage from last week), take a blood test an hour later, and then again another hour after that. So... I got out today at 11:50am. (8:30 am doctor's apt, then my first blood test was at 9:45 am, (there was a 45 minute wait at the hospital once I got there to even register for the blood test) and then 10:50 am another blood test, and then again another one at 11:50pm. I got home just after noon, and guess -what? CAME HOME TO NO POWER IN THE HOUSE! That means I couldn't heat anything for lunch (had nothing that I could eat that didn't require heating or toaster oven, or stove, or anything.... and I couldn't get out of the house to go buy food and do groceries (which I needed to do anyhow), because I couldn't get my car out of the garage! Garage door is heavy and electronically operated. It could technically be opened during a power failure, but not by a preggo like me!!!

So... my grandmother ironically called me just two minutes after entering the house, and debating what to do, and offered to take me for lunch. So, we went to lunch. She was with her sister, my great-aunt, and then we went to Walmart, it was a really nice afternoon! Of course I spent wayyyy too much money (including a VERY cute pair of baby cowboy boots - HAD to buy them) and some stuff for the hospital (night gown, bathrobe - I didnt own any before, but now I do!) and yeah, I can't ever walk out of walmart without spending money!

I love these cute little boy's cowboy boots I found for Sean. Tres cute!

This evening after a very private prenatal aqua class, I worked on some designs that I want to print up on iron-on transfers to then iron onto some plain onesies that I have for Sean. Gotta make them fun! I'll reveal what I've design shortly.

No knitting today. I decided to read (Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping by Judith Levine) at the hospital during my 2 hour wait. It's not so bad so far. I wonder if I would be able to go one year without shopping (except for NECESSITIES!)??? Maybe I should try it? HA HA. Ok, maybe start off with ONE month, not ONE year!!

I go back to the OBGYN in 2 weeks, and then after that it's WEEKLY! Down to crunch time!


barbn_77 said...

I hope your tests come back ok :)...those cowboy boots are adorable :) sounds like you have nice is close too -40 with windchill this morning!!! freezing!

knitgirl63 said...

Those boots are adorable!!

kadi said...

Hope all is well! I miss you too! I'll be back as soon as the semester is over and done with (like that day'll ever come...*sigh*)

Love the boots! Sean's gonna rock those with some serious style...Like his momma!

Flare said...

Those are very cute booties!