Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Son, So Real, So Cool

This morning I got up early and Jamie dropped me off at the hospital for my Glucose test. It's usually done at 24 weeks pregnant, but I was on my honeymoon at 24 weeks, and I think my doctor forgot about it. I was worried that I would have to sit there for hours, so I brought knitting along with me. However, for this particular test, they skip you ahead, and you don't have to wait your turn. (The wait was only 30 minutes anyhow). But, because you're pregnant, and you have to fast from the night before, they take you first. First I did a blood test, (I hate needles - but it wasn't so bad) and then you have to drink a liquid drink (pure glucose) and it kinda tasted like Orange Crush. That's how I'd describe it. Then you wait an hour, and exactly an hour later, they draw another vile of blood. I got a lot of work done on my version of Fetching. (Picture below). I hope there are NO MORE blood tests that I have to do during the rest of my pregnancy. I hate hospitals, and I hate needles.

My 3D Ultrasound went A LOT better today. I still think it's a lot of money for what you get, but I definitely loved the experience of seeing my baby boy before he's born. I did get a DVD of the sessions, but have not watched them yet, (waiting for Jamie on that, of course). Jamie didn't come with me today, my mother did, since Jamie couldn't leave work this afternoon, as he had a dentist apt this morning to have a tooth pulled, at 9 am, he had a LOT of work to do this afternoon. Here are my fave pictures from today's session:

This one is Jamie's favorite photograph, due to the fact that it looks like Sean is using his LEFT hand (Jamie's a leftie), and it's in the "smoking" position! I think Sean is just "hushing" us to leave him alone to sleep.. lol... what a cutie!

Sean with his eyes opened! Oh - and my son, yeah, he didn't have his feet blocking his face, BUT, he does have a foot fetish still. He had one foot near his face, and he kept sucking on his toes still, and also his fingers! He was resting his head on his foot! Such a clear picture!

I also thought this one was a cute photograph. Just had to post it! (The thing by his face is my placenta... and he kept turning towards it). I am just glad that we got enough good photographs today, to make it worth while.

For more pictures of Sean in 3d click here.

Today I bought myself some jewelry while getting Jamie's watch battery replaced. while at the store, I fell in love with; They are by Steelx.

So I bought them.
I'm hoping to get one of these pairs of earrings, eventually:

Of course the round ones would match my set perfectly, but I like both!

Stopped by my parents house on my way home, and Bosco was acting all cute, so I took some pictures of him. Gotta love the crossed leg look.

Tonight after my Aqua class I worked on fetching. All I have left to do is the thumb, which I think I'm going to go work on now. I am rather pooped though, Aqua class tonight was a killer! (It's not prenatal, but with the prenatal instructor, so it's fun!) She definitely kicked my ass tonight!

You see the black line in between the turquoise and the green? That's where I need to cut out he black yarn and pick up the stitches and knit the thumb. I've never done this before, so wish me luck!


Maggie said...

those pictures are SO COOL! :D

and i also enjoy it when dogs cross thier paws like that :D

mdevam said...

I can't believe what a little pretzel you boy is! Your "fetching" ooks great, the noro is so pretty, I enjoyed this project as well mostly because it was such a quick knit. Glad you finally got some nice pics of the boy!

lainehmann said...

He looks all snuggled in there... I can tell he is a happy boy!

raeshadrz said...

OOhh - I love the jewelry:) I'm a silver girl it in everything!
The Great Dane is absolutely beautiful!