Thursday, November 02, 2006

31 Weeks

My secret pal finally took a picture of the zipper attachment I sent her. I had forgotten (pregnancy brain - lol) to take a picture of it before sending it off in the mail in a cute little card. Well, this is it:

Isn't it cute? You can seriously put it on ANY zipper on anything you want. Perfect for any knitter!

Today is 31 weeks into my pregnancy. So as I do every week now, here is a picture of myself and my big belly!

I am getting very round, and I'm all in front. I think that's a common thing among carrying a boy. I love my round belly, even though I'm ready for my old body back, lol, I love rubbing my belly and feeling him move around. I am not ready to give that up yet, to have him and my pregnancy be over, yet at the same time, I'm sooo ready for him to come out and meet us already, and us meet him.

Tonight, I went to deep end aqua, which was a tough tough class for an almost 8 month pregnant person! Debra, my new pregnant friend, whom on Monday night we discovered that our parents still live on the same street where we both grew up, joined me in that class. Debra's due date is exactly a month after mine. It will be great to have someone to go to the park with in the summer, as our boys will be pretty close in age. I am glad that I've met some friends in prenatal aqua. Well - one friend for now!

I am pooped from aqua class, and I just did some knitting while watching Grey's Anatomy. I'm going to go watch some more tv, but in bed, and knit some more. Lots of crafting I want to do tomorrow, so I want to get up at a decent hour.

I had pregnancy brain today... I went to the bank to deposit my mortgage check, and well, forgot the check at home. Had to go home, and go back to the bank. Ugh. Why do I have to be so forgetful? (And clumsy too! But today was a non-clumsy day!)

ps- my Finished Objects tab at the top of my blog now works. (Slowly adding in all my FO's)

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